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Tesla's Fremont Factory Running at 10-20% More Capacity Securing The Q2

Tesla Fremont Factory update

According to Global Equities, Tesla's Fremont factory is running 10-20% above capacity, securing high delivery rates. “2Q is shaping to be a monstrous quarter." The company also affirms the “Buy” rating on TSLA (NASDAQ: TSLA) shares with a $2,300 price target.

Trip Choudhri, who is a Global Equities analyst, recently visited Tesla's Fremont factory again and was pleasantly impressed. He continues to talk about strong support for the manufacturer despite the recent decline in the price of TSLA shares, through their sale by Elon Musk, in connection with his purchase of Twitter.

Tesmanian notes, that according to his observations from Tesla's Fremont Factory, Chowdhry is confident that the Fremont factory will provide extremely strong production, shipments, and deliveries in May 2022. In his report, the analyst said he saw a lot more trucks compared to the first quarter of 2022 and estimates that Tesla has increased the number of transport trucks by at least 20%. That is why he suggests that “Fremont factory is running 10% to 20% above capacity” and comments that “2Q is shaping to be a Monstrous Quarter.”

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