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Tesla FSD Goes Around a Parked Truck


Watch how Tesla FSD figures out a parked delivery truck and goes around.

Tesla FSD 44.10.2 update makes a huge improvement by figuring out a delivery truck parked on the road and going around it. Here is how it happened.

Kim Paquette, who regularly posts Tesla Full-Self Driving video updates, two days ago shared a video showing what her Tesla FSD can do, by figuring out a truck and going around it.

She shared the video on her Twitter and wrote, "Very cool. FSD Beta 44.10.2 figured out a delivery truck was parked and went around! Rendering of it started as green (lead car) then changed to light blue and then red as it decided to go around! In the past, I have had to disengage and take over."

She also added, writing, "I actually would really love to know what its thought process is and how it (meaning the Tesla FSD) decides to go around cars in these situations. Other times it goes around without hesitating. Sometimes it has stopped behind and not moved. This was cool to watch happen."

One of the users, watching the FSD video, wrote that he actually thinks the current FSD update is dangerous because it was moving too fast into the opposite lane if you watch the video. He says, the 3 front cameras are in the middle of the car, so they don't observe the opposite traffic as we see on the driver seat. The b pillar camera can't see it either, he says.

To this, Kim replied, saying, "Maybe it’s using the radar to bounce under the truck."

Another person, named Steve, asked, "Did it cross double yellow? Seen cops giving out tickets for this in SD and SF when cars cross double yellow to give cyclist room. Pretty sure this move is illegal too, but glad to see Tesla Ai is behaving like human because everyone bends the law here and there."

Kim wrote Yes - in my town it is necessary due to narrow roads and parked cars. Here, we are not ticketed. See my previous video today.

Asking about the Tesla FSD's 44.10.0 update's improvements vs past versions, Kim replied writing, "So far it seems much better. Left-hand turns are smoother though it still doesn’t get them every time. The last build, I couldn’t do any left unless it was a wide-open intersection.I didn’t drive a ton today - will do much more tomorrow."

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