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Tesla Buyers Racing Against Time in China as Giga Shanghai Speeds Up Deliveries

Tesla Buyers Racing Against Time in China as Giga Shanghai Speeds Up Deliveries


Most Tesla models see shorter wait times in China. What does this mean? Tesla and local Tesla buyers are racing against time in China, more precisely: against expiring state purchase subsidies. In other words, it's good that most Tesla models see shorter wait times in China because faster deliveries from Tesla in China near the end of the year are expected to allow more local consumers to take advantage of the expiring state purchase subsidies.

"It's worth noting that Tesla typically produces vehicles for export in the first half of each quarter, with vehicles produced in the second half mainly for local delivery. Tesla China's wholesale sales in October were 71,704, including 54,504 units exported, according to data released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) on November 8. That export volume was a record high, up 34.03 percent from 40,666 units a year ago and up 887.03 percent from 5,522 units in September. Tesla is expected to see a significant boost in sales in China by the end of the year as the company accelerates deliveries to local consumers in November and December," reports CNEVPost.

Also, With the recent price cuts Tesla did in China, many are wondering if Tesla is going to have to cut its prices more in order to sell more vehicles.

Could Tesla reduce prices another 15% in China? Torque News Tesla news reporter Jeremy Johnson writes "since the beginning of 2021, all of Tesla's prices are up about 5%. If this rumor were true, that would mean an about 10% decrease since the beginning of 2021. Prices for the same vehicle are about 25% cheaper than the U.S. models."

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