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How To Improve Nissan Leaf Plus Battery Maintenance and Increase Range

Nissan Leaf battery maintenance is key for increasing the range and for the ability to drive your EV efficiently.

Here are some tips on how to increase your Nissan Leaf Plus Range and for good battery maintenance practices.

1. Brian Maragno from Nissan, says use your Nissan Leaf's dashboard to maximize range.

2. For best battery maintenance practice know that heat can reduce the overall life of a Lithium ion battery. Thus store your EV in a garage or under cover during summer months.

3. Help your fellow electric car driver. Learn the proper etiquette. Here is the generally accepted EV charging etiquette. If there is another electric car or a Leaf next to your car and the flap is open, it means that person need to charge. The proper etiquette in the EV world is that when you unplug your car, don't put it back, but plug the EV next to your Leaf.

4. Use the e-Pedal. Just press down for an instant rush and ease off to slow down. When you use the e-Pedal to slow down, it can help recharge the battery, this increasing your battery life and drive range.

These are good practices that will help with your EV battery maintenance and increase your Nissan Leaf driving range. Also read EV expert and enthusiast Douglas Stnasfield's story discussing how can you get more range out of your Nissan Leaf.

Armen Hareyan is the editor of Torque News and you can follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.