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How Can You Get More Range Out of Your Nissan Leaf

Could there be a way to trick your Nissan Leaf into giving you move EV range? What if there was a way that you could simply plug your car the same way you always did and drive the same way you always drive yet were able to get 5% to 10% or more EV range? There may be a way to make this happen based on a simple adjustment you can potentially use in your Nissan Leaf. I just stumbled upon it today during my online travels and based on the research I was able to do, I would say this is worth a second look.

The product is sold on Amazon UK and is a small box that plugs into a small connector near the accelerator pedal inside the Nissan Leaf. According to the Amazon listing, the product does the following: "Leaf Box Range Extender Tuning for Nissan Leaf 24kWh, 30kWh. Adds 10-15% of range, enables coasting, improves regeneration and battery life [Energy Class A]"

LEAF Box Range Extender

From the Amazon UK listing, it says “Leaf Box is a range extender controlling load applied to the engine via throttle control. It is easy to install, as it uses factory plugs. It delivers following extensions to standard Nissan Leaf: range extender - it bases on adding "N-mode on demand" (aka glide mode) to D-mode, along with alternative torque delivery strategy (read below). Range extension is around 10% (ECO mode, 24 kWh battery). With normal mode, Leaf Box is off. the regenerative force at D mode can be increased by about 20% (from 20kW to 24kW). If you have a version of Nissan Leaf with B-mode - lucky you. But I can have B-mode even in the basic version of Leaf. max power of Leaf can be increased from 80kW to 83kW (option). Nissan Leaf LeafBox feature of N-mode on demand. While driving in D-mode you can almost remove the leg from the accelerator pedal. LeafBox will set motor power to exactly zero (0 kWh) so you will be rolling without energy conversions. This increases efficiency with longer distance trips and is good for overall range (autonomy). Manual.”

I also recommend's David Herron's story on adding a 40 miles driving range to Nissan Leaf with Enginer's add-on battery pack.

So for those of you that have the N mode and D mode in your Nissan Leaf, you might have an opportunity to purchase a LeafBox. The video on Youtube shows how simple it is to install and a few people are testing it on a Nissan Facebook group. I’ll have to report back about whether or not the test was successful. The range achieved in the Youtube tests were very promising. So if you had an extra 10% to 15% of Nissan Leaf Range, would it help you out or wouldn’t it?

Search for LeafBox on Youtube and you will see some of the videos and tests with winter tire vs summer tires and winter driving vs spring driving. Tester was trying to achieve 200 kilometers. In the video, he came close to 184 kilometers with zero capacity and on the Guess O Meter (GOM) of the Nissan Leaf.

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I would say that is a big improvement over the stock Gen 1 Nissan Leaf which is what I believe the driver was driving. If he was driving a 2015 Nissan Leaf, that would not be that special.

Overall I think this product is worth a test however the cost for the small little attachment is 210 Pounds (English Currency) which is $269 dollars at today’s exchange rate. That might be expensive for some to test this out but to some that might be worth it to give it a try. Comment below and let me know you have achieved if you have tested this product already. It might be a great opportunity to share with everyone else. Thanks in advance.

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Daniel Watkins… (not verified)    April 24, 2017 - 8:36PM

It's a scam. There is no air:fuel mixture to mess with, doubt there is much of any optimization in the inverter.... scam!

Ste (not verified)    May 8, 2024 - 8:39AM

In reply to by Daniel Watkins… (not verified)

Not a scam … it works by regenerative effect on the motor and by cutting motor output to zero when it can, so a software mechanism. Nobody mentioned fuel/air but you, this isn’t a IC tuning box!

gilles beaudry (not verified)    August 25, 2017 - 8:16PM

i have a question. If i open a battery pack of 24 kwh (Nissan Leaf) and remove the 48 modules only, leave all the electronics there, and install the 48 modules of a battery pack of 30 kwh, is this going to work. I know that the modules are the same size because i have the dealer repair chapter of the battery pack of nissan leaf 2016 (1600 pages) and both battery packs are in this repair chapter (24 and 30 kwh). The modules for the 24 kwh battery have 500 watts each and the modules for the 30 kwh battery have 625 watts each. Voltage range of both type of modules are between 5 to 8.5. thanks

Al (not verified)    October 8, 2019 - 12:11PM

Here's how I added 40 miles of extra range to my 2013 Nissan Leaf for about $485.
Without this addition my leaf only travels about 60 miles range and is down to only 8 bars. I'm the original owner and Mossy Nissan has consistently refused to replace the stock battery for an upgrade in spite of several requests. They stated the car still meats the manufacture's warranty for range. I beg to differ. But rather than arguing with Nissan. I got to work to figure out a way to complete my 85 mile round trip commute which this 2013 Leaf cannot do on it's own any longer. So I added a small 1 and 1/4 inch hitch and carrier plus a 46 lb generator inverter along with the original Nissan 110 volt trickle charger. My work is 42 miles from my home in north county. I can get to my worksite w/o the generator. But I cannot return home w/o charging up. So I power up the generator, plug in the trickle charger to the generator, and plug it into the front of my nissan leaf. I return to my vehicle 5 hrs later and it is fully chartered. This allows me to make the return trip home. Without this self-contained approach I'd pay $6-12 just to recharge the leaf and still wait an additional 4 hrs to charge the vehicle after a long days work in the classroom. Much more of a time saver to simply recharge at my work site.