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How Can Nissan LEAF get 2X The Range Without a New Battery

Current technologies may allow Nissan to dramatically increase the battery range without possibly building a new battery for the LEAF. The approach, proposed in this opinion can be used by other EV producers as well.

Arlin Sansome comments on Nissan LEAF's battery and range options from British Columbia.

The 2015 has a major change. The battery is now 10c rated instead of the older battery that was 3c rated.

One thing everyone keeps forgetting is they don't need a new battery to make 2x the range you can design a new car to fit 2x the current battery type. But what's happening everyday is batteries are getting better. So, say we get a battery with 25% more energy density, then you make the pack big enough for the 48 kwh rating. After this, you will not need to have 2x the physical size.

Also, this is likely the reason for a new look. They will now design the whole LEAF with its own chassis specially made to hold lots of cells and not be a chassis designed for gasoline and then converted. They kind of mentioned that, when they said now it's the time to really go with this now that the Leaf has become profitable. Good things coming all around.

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There is literally more advertising on this page than actual content related to the article. Hard to take anything seriously here, Coming from a leaf owner.

Sorry you feel that way B. Ads are here to maintain the site, but if you are a Nissan LEAF owner, you can say something about the opinion expressed here about extending the range twice without a new battery.

I have 16 months left on the lease of my 2013 LEAF and have been debating about whether to switch to a Volt next time for the range. In the winter my full charge range is about 83 minus 30 something for the heater. If the new LEAF has a range of 250 miles I definitely will re-up.

>> the battery is now 10c rated instead of the older battery that was 3c rated

Does this mean charging at 10x the capacity per hour is possible?

So for the 2018 with 40 kW battery, it can ... theoretically ... be charged at up to 400 kW/hr? (if such a charger was available).

Could the older batteries such as my 2015 with 24 kW battery be charged at "only" 72 kW/hr? How about the 2017 with 30 kW be charged at 90 kW/hr?

My understanding is that charging at a rate of more than 1C can be hard on the battery and cause shorter life, especially at higher ambient temperatures. I'd think 10C charging would be asking for problems.

When I first got the Leaf, I often used "free juice" from a Fast Charger at the Nissan dealer at about 2C up to about 80% SOC, but I've since been inclined to "baby" the battery with mostly Level-2 charging ... about 0.275C (6.6 kW/hr divided by 24 kW battery pack with 12 bars at 27k miles)