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Head of Construction of Tesla Giga Berlin Is Said To Have Been Sacked


One can only wish for an employee like Evan Horetsky. In May 2015 he started at Tesla and built or converted Gigafactory to Gigafactory in the USA and China until he was given responsibility for the German company at the end of 2019. Just a few weeks ago, he reported good progress and the Germany team was praised by CEO Elon Musk. But now Tesla's long-time giga master is said to have been fired surprisingly.

"Tesla dismisses project manager for factory in Grünheide," reported the RBB on Thursday afternoon, citing industry circles. Tesla initially did not comment on it. Horetsky himself did not respond to a Twitter request from about his dismissal until evening.

Industry insiders suspect that the termination is related to the annoyance about the initially unpaid bill for the construction water. Last week, the Strausberg Erkner Tesla water association had temporarily shut off the construction water because a payment deadline had expired. After the money was received, the water ran again.

As "Head of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction", Evan Horetsky was the factory's overall project manager. Horetsky was already on board in September 2019, when Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach and Tesla officials flew over the site in Grünheide-Freienbrink to illustrate the location of the property.

Horetsky had already supervised many other Tesla projects, including the completion of the Tesla battery factory in Nevada and the construction of the factory in Shanghai. He was also responsible for preparing car production in Fremont, California. So he had all the necessary qualifications for the factory construction in Grünheide - from building to set up the production lines for car manufacturing in the buildings.

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