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The Advantages of Tesla Software That Helps To Sell More Cars

Tesla Software


Todays' car buyers are different from the car buyers of 10 years ago and today's Tesla buyers partially buy into Tesla's software. Many people view Tesla as a software company on wheels, like a computer on the wheel and this largely affects their decision making to buy Tesla vehicles.

The Tesmanian writes that Tesla's software ecosystem is a perfect fit for today's tech-centric drivers. The priorities of car buyers today are vastly different to those from previous years. Take, for one, modern car buyer's focus on a vehicle's tech features.

Tesla's Careers Page is filled with positions that are more Silicon Valley than Detroit, and even independent developers are looking to Teslas as the next frontier. A good example of this is the Watch App for Tesla developed by a Model 3 owner Kim Hansen, which was created based on the experiences of Tesla owners like himself.

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