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What's Wrong with the CT200h's Mirror Switch?

Mirror mystery in the Lexus CT200h! Both mirrors moved in only two directions. Dived deep into the switch, and what I found will surprise you.


The Lexus CT200h often comes to mind when you think of luxury and innovation. But even the most meticulously designed vehicles have their mysteries. In this case, it's a riddle involving two mirrors that only danced to half the tune. 

Both power mirrors on my CT200h decided to develop a rebellious streak: they would move in just two directions instead of the expected four. Stranger still, both mirrors synchronized their mischief, moving identically in those exact two directions. It's the kind of puzzle that would give any auto enthusiast pause.

Some would have dismissed it as a strange fluke, but not me. Call it curiosity or my constant need to get to the root of problems; I had to figure it out. The mirror switch was the culprit because both mirrors were powered but only on two of the circuits. It was the intuitive place to start, and intuition led me in the right direction, as it often does.

Armed with determination and trepidation, I delved deep, taking the mirror switch apart. And there it was, clear as day: two circuits on the board were singed and scarred, refusing to allow the flow of power and thereby not letting the mirrors swivel in all their intended directions.

Failed CT200h Power Mirror Switch

Having found the rogue component, I've ordered a new switch. I'm confident that once it's replaced, my CT200h's mirrors will return to their full range of motion.


Automobiles, even the luxurious ones, have their quirks. But they also offer opportunities for those willing to dive deep and unravel their mysteries. So, the next time something in your car doesn't behave as expected, don't just scratch your head—perhaps there's a little detective work waiting for you. As for me and my CT200h, we're just a switch away from perfection.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with us. Together, let's continue exploring, discovering, and unlocking new horizons. Stay tuned for more captivating content to fuel your curiosity and inspire your imagination.

We appreciate your readership and look forward to you joining us on our next adventure. Until then, keep dreaming, reading, and coming back for more!

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