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Ferrari Official Doesn't Despise SUVs, But Admits One from the Prancing Horse Needs to Be Different

One automaker that has seem to escape from the SUV craze is Ferrari. Previously, Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne said "uou have to shoot me first," when asked about this last year. But it seems there is a slight change of heart.
Posted: March 14, 2017 - 4:33PM
Author: Will Maley


Nicola Boari, head of marketing for Ferrari told CarAdvice at the Geneva Motor Show the company doesn't despise SUVs, but they have some issues that need to be overcome.

“It’s not that we despise SUVs, per se. It’s just that today, physics is there, weight and rolling and length is there. So, how can we manage the key physics to create something which has the benefit of an SUV but not the bad?" said Boari.

“I think it’s the right challenging question that we should pose our self, not just, ‘Why don’t you adhere to a specific segment, and then try and make it Ferrari?'”

It doesn't help there is a lot of expectation riding on each Ferrari model by owners to stand out from the crowd. Boari admits that any potential expansion into SUV for Ferrari requires “a segment which is not there”.

“So, as tempting as just embracing the SUV as we know it, can be – and even if we should believe what we are hearing about sport SUVs coming out, I think there are already some examples on the road – I don’t think that there has been a solution consistent with what we want to do so far in the market. So, I think we are still searching.”

Pic Credit: Newspress