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Genesis All-electric SUV GV60 Can Wirelessly Recharge and Has A Drift Mode

Do you know about the Hyundai Ioniq 5, and the Kia EV6? If you do, then it should not come as a surprise to you that Genesis, a premium brand from the Hyundai-Kia conglomerate, created a fancy version of that automobile. Welcome the 2023 Genesis GV60, an only-electric EV SUV with Boost mode, Drift mode, face-recognition, and a wireless charging capability.


What is the Genesis GV60?

Created to play in a similar ballpark of electric vehicles like the Ford Mach E, Volkswagen ID4, Hyundai Ioniq, and Tesla Model Y, GV60 is the first full-electric automobile from Genesis. Unlike the Hyundai Ioniq 5, and the Kia EV6, with which it shares main architecture, the Genesis will compete on the premium side of things challenging novel electric mid-sized vehicles from the likes of BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and others. As a producer of cars that tend to flaunt its „Luxury Evolved“ slogan, Genesis took upon itself to create the most opulent car based on top of the well-known Hyundai Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). Apart from a unique design that separates it from its cheaper siblings, the GV60 features numerous tech advancements first seen on a car of this stature.

Genesis GV60 Electric Vehicle

The size of the GV60 put it right in the middle in the group of modern electric pseudo-CUVs crafted for urban mobility.
Length: 4,515 milimeters
Width: 1,890 milimeters
Height: 1,580 milimeters
Wheelbase: 2,900 milimeters

How To Unlock Genesis GV60?

As Genesis wants to focus its first full-fledged EV on tech, the first glimpses of its advanced capabilities come from when Samsung revealed its Galaxy S21+ device. Equipped with the NFC and UWB technologies, the S21+ owners will utilize the newfound hardware power of their devices to affect the GV60. The company worked with Genesis to create the Digital Key that enables the GV60 users to lock or unlock a car just by coming near it with their phone in their pocket. They can also share the key, but the tech will work only if you happen to have Galaxy S21+ or Ultra, Note20 Ultra, or a Z Fold 2 or 3.

Along with this technology, created specifically for the GV60, the car can also utilize "Face Connect" technology that uses a Near-Infra-Red (NIR) camera to recognize faces (even at night). If you link your car with your smartphone (preferably a high-end Samsung Android 12 device), then Genesis GV60 can use your face recognition data from your phone to unlock its doors for you.

Finally, the Genesis GV60 also offers a Fingerprint Authentication System. It is similar tech to what you have on your phone, only on an automobile. All these unlocking possibilities onboard do raise some security concerns, but Genesis utilized embedded Samsung-developed Secure Element (eSE) tech to encrypt all the data.
You also get an excellent-looking key with the GV60!

What is under the metal?

Built on top of the Hyundai Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) architecture, the GV60 inherited base technology from Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6.
To differentiate the Genesis GV60 from its civilian brethren, the Korean company introduced a few rather exciting features to increase driving pleasure and driving fun.

Boost mode

By pressing a button on the steering wheel, the driver can instantly access 50 horsepower and 100 Nm of torque more for ten seconds. This, in conjunction with the propulsion system of the top-notch performance version, gives GV60 the ability to accelerate to 60 mph in four seconds flat. Such power on tap reminds me of the over-boost function introduced on some gas-powered turbocharged cars a decade or two ago. Although impressive, four seconds needed for acceleration to 60 mph isn’t the best this Hyundai electric car platform can do. Kia EV6 can do better – it will do the same job in 3.5 seconds.

What it cannot do, however, is drift as the GV60 possibly could.

Drift Mode

The Genesis GV60 will translate its character into a drift mode if the driver holds the right shift pedal for three seconds. We are still not entirely sure what this does to a car, but the spectacle of drifting should be easily obtained. If I am to guess, I would say that in this mode, Genesis loosens up electronic driving aids, allow more torque to reach rear wheels, and does not activate the electric motor dedicated to powering front wheels as often as usual. That is at least the simplest way to obtain the desired oversteer. Sure, don’t forget to steer as well.
Now, these two features seem cool enough, but one needs potent electric motors to make all this work best.

Genesis GV60 will have three power options.

- Entry-level GV60 comes with an electric motor good for 225 horsepower and RWD with a range of 280 miles
- Second version comes with a dual-motor setup with a combined 314 horsepower, AWD setup, and range of 249 miles
- Top-notch GV60 comes with a 429 horsepower motor, all the performance goodies I have mentioned above, and an ability to cover 229 miles. Bear in mind that the Boost mode increases power output to 483 horsepower

Unlike the Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6, the GV60 will only have a 77.5 kWh battery unit. Those two also come with a 56 kWh battery option. More importantly than that, however, is that the GV60 makes do with the latest charging tech. Its fantastic architecture allows charging at 350 kW chargers. This feature may give one the ability to recharge from 5 percent to 80 percent in mere 18 minutes. Of course, you can recharge this vehicle on any imaginable charger – including a much more available 11 kW charger.

Interestingly enough, Genesis worked on the creation of the whole new wireless charging system with Wetricity company. If you visit their site, you will see the GV60 shown there. The tech should allow the GV60 to recharge its batteries just by parking over the Wetricity recharging pad. Two pads then interact (one in a car and the other on the parking spot) and create a magnetic field which then induces battery recharging. I do not know how fast is it, but it is said that wireless charging usually operates with 92 percent efficiency.

Finally, one of the most remarkable features may be the 3.6 kW V2L (Vehicle to Load) function. This tech enables GV60 to recharge external electronic devices.

Advanced Driving Tech

Despite giving buyers somewhat unique features like the Drift more, or the Boost mode, the Genesis GV60 teems with fantastic driving tech. The Road Active Noise Control (ANC-R) minimizes noises that penetrate the cabin. That means that passengers would not hear wind or tire noise as much as in cheaper cars.
Apart from improving comfort, the GV60 also offer driving aids such as:
- electronic-Limited Slip Differential (e-LSD)
- Preview Electronic Control Suspension (Preview ECS), which uses the front camera and navigation system to and adjusts the damping accordingly
- Disconnector Actuator System (DAS) that disengages AWD when not needed, thus saving a bit of juice


The design of the new GV60 isn't something unseen. It looks nice in my eyes, but one could expect a bit more flamboyant styling considering all that went into creating a Genesis brand as a whole. I have to share with you one sentence from their official press release:
„Genesis is redefining the experience of luxury electric vehicles, combining youthful athleticism with sustainable technology to create a new path for drivers.“

It is hard to guess what this means, but I know that with 13 unique colors available, GV60 wants to be as approachable to new-age buyers as possible. I did catch that they have mentioned „sustainable technology“ while describing the design. While that means that the GV60 is aerodynamic and prepped for urban adventures without leaving a massive eco-footprint, it is also apparent that it shares clear four-door coupe vibes.

In my mind, Genesis should have gone all out with the glitz and create the GV60 with frameless doors, but it is what it is. Luckily, those inside can find some elegant design tricks.


Ok, we have to write a word or two about the Crystal Sphere in the middle of the central stalk. The Genesis GV0 does have it, and when you press the start button, the ball turns 180 degrees revealing the drive selector. It is quite a neat trick that works well with the interior screens installed instead of side mirrors, two-spoke steering wheel, and massive displays behind the wheel and in the console's center.

Genesis GV60 Electric Vehicle interior

What I find most interesting are the materials used for the creation of parts of the interior. As Genesis suggests, the car uses eco-friendly interior materials such as plant-based leather for seats and recycled PET bottles and fishnets for some of the covers in the interior.
Interior Colors:
- Obsidian Black
- Torrent Navy
- Ash Gray
- Monstera Green
- Glassier White

Cool Touches

Apart from that incredible Crystal Sphere, GV60 has some more excellent touches on the inside.
It has:
- Massage seats
- Mood sounds (Relax, Energetic, Bright, and Warm)
- Bang and Olufsen audio system
- Two spoke steering wheel (I like it so it can get here)
- Numerous mood light setups, some of which show that Genesis GV60 is on
- Easily interchangeable LEDs in the headlights – if one goes wrong, you can replace it, thus dramatically lowering the cost of maintenance and future-proofing your car

Genesis GV60 Electric VehicleConclusion

Although similar in tech and form to the Kia EV6 and the Hyundai Ioniq 5, the Genesis GV60 offers a few interesting touches, differentiating itself from its cheaper siblings. Not only that, but Genesis is adamant that GV60 has a completely differentiated driving character compared with the other two. Also, it looks neater, I would say!

Safet Satara is an automotive journalist and car enthusiast who has nurtured his automotive endeavors since he was 19 years old. He specializes in European cars, EV technology, and research about automotive industry issues. Safet has also written automotive pieces for,,, and various print magazines, including ProAuto. His specialty - testing cars - more than 500 tested cars under his belt. You can follow Safet via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.