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jfcrookTitle:Cooking in a Cast Iron Dutch OvenArticle:The cast iron Dutch oven has been around for centuries. The original Dutch Ovens were invented in the 1700s and were made of cast iron designed for outdoor cooking. They were flat bottomed with legs to hold them above the fire and had flanged lids to hold coals so that the food in them was surrounded with heat and could cook uniformly. They also had a handle attached to the ears on the sides. This design of the Dutch oven made it easy to not only cook food outdoors but also made it the ideal pan for cooking in the hearths of early colonial homes. In many, instances the cast iron Dutch oven was the only pan in many homes. Cast Iron Dutch Ovens were and are very durable making them the ideal cooking pot to not only bring to the "New world," but later to use on trail drives and when crossing the country by covered wagon. The Cast iron Dutch oven literally fed the people who settled and explored the United States. The reason that these ovens were so popular is their design allowed the food to be cooked in a lot of ways. Soups could be boiled, stews could be simmered, meat could be roasted and even cakes could be baked in them. This versatility made them perfect for rugged travel when possessions needed to be kept at a minimum. Over the years Dutch Ovens have gone through some design changes and today the term Dutch oven refers to a flat bottomed pan with a round lid made of cast iron or aluminum, though you can still get the original designed cast iron Dutch ovens even today. In fact, many of these cooking pans have been passed down from generation to generation. Recently there has been renewed interest in Dutch oven cooking as many people want to recreate the special dishes that they remember their grandparents or great grandparents making. A good many of these dishes were created in Dutch ovens and modern day cooks are discovering that the only way to get the same moistness and great taste they remember is by using the same type of cook ware their ancestors used. In using these Dutch ovens to recreate these old recipes, modern cooks are discovering that these versatile pots can be used to cook a variety of dishes both in the home and while camping. Today most homes have at least one Dutch oven and the Dutch ovens of choice for many cooks is the cast iron Dutch oven. For some there is simply not other pan material that can deliver the taste, or the history that this material can. While there is a lot to be said for technology, there is also something said for tradition and cast iron Dutch oven cooking is one tradition that continues to be popular from generation to generation. It not just that food tastes good cooked in these pots; it also is the fact that cooks feel the connection between themselves and those pioneer relatives who built this country. It is a comforting feeling. About the author of this article: at blackcastironcookware, you will discover an amazing selection of low priced and excellent quality cast iron dutch oven.Category:Home: AccessoriesDate:March 07, 2011 08:03:03 AM  Nike Air Jordan V Retro Green Bean Basketball Shoe