Subaru Forester cargo room compared to other compact SUVs

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Our new Tesla reporter Tinsae Aregay is covering the new Lucid Air comparing the specs with Plaid Model S.

Limited edition Carbon Edition Shelby GT500 goes into production.

Hello everyone,

This is Tinsae Aregay from Ethiopia joining Torque News as a Tesla reporter. I have been closely following Tesla for over 5 years. Now looking forward to working with Torque News team and contribute to its success by bringing daily Tesla reports.

Welcome to the team! We are glad to have you onboard writing about EVs. If you need help with anything start with Armen, but you can e-mail me as well at [email protected] Your story about Tesla and the stock market was very informative. Cheers, John G


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Dodge Challenger used pricing increase - I will be handling this tomorrow morning. I wanted to get it done today but our power went out for hours.

Sorry for the late start today -- more medical stuff for the family. I will be fiinishing up the Bronco Raptor info overnight and tomorrow.

To the new writer welcome.