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How To Choose The Right Hard Top For Your Jeep Wrangler

Due to their popularity, the landscape of aftermarket Wrangler hard tops are full of options. Latest video from ExtremeTerrain helps Jeep owners narrow down their options when shopping for a hard top. Options even available YJ, TJ and JL generations.


Colder weather is coming soon. Summer is over. Rolling around in your Jeep with the top off and the doors removed is probably behind you, or soon will be. Most serious Jeep Wrangler owners own two types of tops for their Wranglers, a hard top and a soft top. Because they are made of much lighter materials, soft tops and Jeep Bikini Tops are designed for the summer months. But when the weather turns cold, they must be replaced with heavier, more durable tops.

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Jeep Wrangler hard top assembly is an aftermarket company that specializes in parts and accessories for Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator. Extreme Terrain (XT) released a video that can help Jeep owners narrow down their options when shopping for a hard top.

XT host, Meredith Evasew reviews three popular options showing the hard tops installed on a JK model. Each of the styles highlighted in the video are also available for other generations including YJ, TJ and, JL. She even goes as far as installing each option to help visualize the differences.

Check out the entire video from XT below.

One-Piece Hard Top For Jeep Wrangler
The one-piece is a cost-effective option for Wrangler owners who don’t need or want all the extra features common to other hard tops.

In the video, one such hard top features a fully carpeted interior liner which provides insulation as well as sound control inside the cab area.

Jeep Wrangler hard top one piece

A representative from Extreme Terrain said, “The Jeep Wrangler hard tops we sell are easy to install and do not require drilling or any modifications. They are hand laid using the highest quality materials, like honeycomb fiberglass and DOT approved safety glass.”

A Jeep hardtop from XT is coated with the thickest available UV gel coat and feature an eye-catching textured grain finish.

“With this level of construction quality, you can enjoy long-term performance with our Jeep Wrangler hard tops that won’t fail for many years. Whether you want a fixed position top, or a top that you can open and close with ease, you can get just that from our collection of tops.”

Jeep Wrangler Hard Top Two PieceTwo-Piece Hard Top For Jeep
XT showcases a two-piece hard top for Jeep enthusiasts as well. One of the perks of it is that the front panel can easily be removed for open-air driving.

In the video, Meredith shows the DV8 Off-Road Ranger Hard Top installed on the JK, drawing attention to the carpeted interior, shock-assisted rear window, tinted windows, and back light.

Finally, Wrangler owners who are really looking to stand out will want to consider the fast back/slant back top. What the angled back takes away in terms of cargo space, it makes up for in the way of handling and efficiency.

The black, two-piece slant back hard shown in the video also comes with the carpeted interior, shock-assisted rear windows, and a removable front panel. This option is also available to two-door owners however, the slant will not be as exaggerated as the four-door.

Okay Jeepers, let’s hear your choice for hard tops? I think Meredith who is known as the Jeepher, does an excellent job of demonstrating these hard tops and how easy they are to install. Leave me a comment or your feedback below.

Reference: Jeep Hardtops from Extreme Terrain.

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