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Jeep Wants to Take You on an Adventure

Jeep is starting a new Adventure Academy to help you explore the great outdoors. We have details on how you can join!

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Jeep is known for its off-road capabilities. It specializes in building vehicles like the 2020 Jeep Gladiator that is equipped for exploring the great outdoors. Jeep wants its owners to enjoy off-roading and be safe and knowledgeable while doing it. Now Jeep is launching a Jeep Adventure Academy to provide off-roading instruction to Jeep 4x4 owners.

“Off-roading is a rite of passage for Jeep 4x4 owners and the new Jeep Adventure Academy will provide key knowledge every off-roader can use for hitting the trails,” said Jim Morrison, Head of Jeep Brand, FCA - North America. “The new Jeep Adventure Academy underscores the Jeep brand’s commitment to delivering Jeep 4x4 vehicles that provide owners with a sense of capability, safety and security to handle any condition or adventure with confidence.”

This is the first time that Jeep is offering a Jeep Adventure Academy. Instructors from the Jeep Jamboree USA will give hands-on driving instruction to all levels of Jeep owners, from beginners to advanced off-roaders.

The different classes will cover a range of topics depending on skill level.

According to Jeep, Jeep 4×4 owners will develop skills in areas such as:

  • Trail etiquette basics
  • How to properly setup your vehicle before venturing off-road
  • How to safely attempt obstacles
  • Locating and connecting with your local Jeep® Brand off road community
  • Eliminating the unknown in question & answer sessions with experts

October Jeep Adventure Academy Dates

The Jeep Adventure Academy will begin this October. So far, Jeep has scheduled the training for three locations. Participants will learn off-roading basics and also some details about their Jeep’s capability. The sessions are designed to build driver’s confidence and also help them build connections within the Jeep community of adventure seekers.

The classes will help Jeep owners learn how to read the different terrain and obstacles. Drivers should learn how to handle the different challenges safely.

The Jeep Adventure Academy is scheduled to take place during the first three weeks in October at the following locations:

  • Holly Oaks Off-road Vehicle Park, Holly, Michigan: October 2-4. The park is located an hour’s drive from Detroit, and offers 113 acres of off-roading trails and terrain.
  • Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch, Seymour, Missouri: October 9-11. The Ranch, in the Ozark Mountains, features 943 wooded acres with rocky hills and streams.
  • Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area, Hollister, California: October 16-18. Located an hour’s drive south of San Jose, Hollister Hills features over 6,800 acres of varied terrain.

How to Register for the Jeep Adventure Academy

According to Jeep, “Registration is available at A one-day session starts at $99 and requires Jeep 4x4 vehicle ownership. The academy sessions will be led by professional staff from Jeep Jamboree USA, an organization that has been conducting off-road adventures since 1953”.

I would guess that if the first rounds of Jeep Adventure Academy are successful, Jeep would add more sessions. With more and more people becoming interested in off-roading, it is better for everyone to have people learning how to off-road safely.

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