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Ford Offers Rewards Credit Card As Part Of Loyalty Program

FordPass Rewards Visa can help reduce the cost of vehicle ownership. Card will have Model-A or Blue Oval logo on it. Ford plans to add customization option including Bronco and F-150.


I know a lot of Ford loyalists. I know people with various Ford tattoos, merchandise, etc. When it comes to brand loyalty the Blue Oval is right up there near the top. I wrote late last week about how Ford’s had quite a week, finishing off by beating Wall Street’s financial projections.

So it’s not surprising that now, especially with all the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, that Ford would introduce a Blue Oval credit card. Ford is expanding its customer loyalty program by introducing the FordPass Rewards Visa Card In collaboration with First National Bank of Omaha and Visa.

“Building trust and delivering the best ownership experience possible for our customers is our top priority at Ford,” said David Loflin, manager, Customer Experience. “Not only does this card match the features of other major players in the credit card space, it offers customers a means to reduce the cost of ownership by redeeming Points to purchase, lease or service their vehicle.”

As the full impact of the coronavirus pandemic is still unfolding and communities across the country continue to face challenges, he added, Ford has been focusing on customer experiences that make life a bit easier; this card helps accomplish that.

FordPass Rewards Visa CardHow To Earn Points Toward Ford Vehicle Ownership
The FordPass Rewards Visa Card offers the highest earn rate among automotive cards. For example, customers can earn 10 percent Back in Points1 on Ford service. That’s 5 percent Back in Points on Ford dealership purchases plus 5 percent Back in Points with FordPass Rewards. Additionally, the card is the most comprehensive option for automotive expenses and is the only co-branded card with an annual statement credit ($200 every year when customers spend $6,000 in 12 consecutive billing cycles after account opening).

Other card features include a $100 statement credit when customers spend $3,000 within the first three billing cycles after opening an account, and low-interest financing for six billing cycles on Ford dealership purchases over $499.

FordPass Rewards Visa Card customers can earn Points in a variety of ways, including:
• 5 percent Back in Points on Ford dealership purchases
• 3 percent Back in Points on gas, auto insurance, tolls, parking and dining
• 1 percent Back in Points on all other purchases
• 10 percent Back in Points on Ford service – 5 percent back in Points on Ford dealership Purchases plus 5 percent back in Points with FordPass Rewards

FordPass Rewards Visa Card infographicMember Benefits Of FordPass Credit Card
A primary benefit of the FordPass Rewards Visa Card is the access it provides customers to unique member-exclusive offers and opportunities.

The FordPass Rewards team is constantly working to stay on top of member needs and deliver great experiences that make customers’ lives easier. In June, FordPass Rewards gave its members access to one month of complimentary Postmates delivery service and deployed a complimentary The Works oil change and tire rotation to members deemed essential workers. Similar member-exclusive benefits will be extended to FordPass Rewards Visa cardholders to add value to and enhance their ownership experience.

“This collaboration brings together three companies that are pioneers in their respective industries to deliver a truly outstanding credit card,” said Jerry J. O’ Flanagan, executive vice president, Consumer Banking, at FNBO. “Following the introduction of the FordPass Rewards loyalty program last year, Ford continues to see increased enrollment month over month, which is a testament to the brand loyalty of its customers. We look forward to further enhancing that experience with the introduction of the FordPass Rewards Visa Card.”

Ford introduced its FordPass Rewards customer loyalty program in 2019. To date, FordPass Rewards provides the most comprehensive loyalty rewards program in the industry. With this program, customers who purchase or lease a new Ford vehicle will receive points they can use toward complimentary maintenance, parts, service or a new vehicle at participating Ford dealerships. After just one year, the FordPass Rewards program has enrolled more than 4.5 million members. The FordPass Rewards Visa Card is the next step in expanding this loyalty effort.

“Visa is delighted to work with Ford Motor Company to expand Ford Motor Company’s customer loyalty program with the new FordPass Rewards Visa Card,” said Kirk Stuart, senior vice president, head of North America Merchant, Visa. “The FordPass Rewards Visa Card enhances the Ford customer experience through everyday purchases that deliver added rewards, benefits and value.”

The FordPass Rewards Visa Card is available at launch in Model-A Black and Blue Oval Blue. Beginning with the Bronco brand and the all-new F-150, future iterations of the card will allow model-specific customization.

Ford is on a role and making smart business partnerships. I wrote about some of the other joint ventures they’ve worked on including one with Volkswagen and one with TomTom as well. So, Ford is not letting one of the worst economic situations in history hold it down or use it as an excuse. I applaud Ford for that.

So, are you interested in this credit card? If you could get any Ford car on a credit card, what would it be? Leave me a comment below.

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