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Ford Has Some Revealing Times Ahead: Big Reveals Of F-150, Bronco Are (Finally) Coming

2021 Ford F-150 to be revealed June 25 to public while 2021 Ford Bronco will be revealed July 9. Both vehicles have been much anticipated, and regularly delayed due to COVID shutdown. F-150 will have multi-staged reveal to corporate world too.


Enough with the speculation already! I know you’re tired of me writing about what ifs, and speculating on upcoming major vehicles for Ford like the 2021 Ford F-150 and 2021 Ford Bronco. And to be clear, I’m tired of speculating too. Ford has kept us all in limbo for a long time and played coy along the way when asked about spy shots or product details.

I always would get the stock answer from the Ford PR team: “We don’t talk about future products.” Well, in short time, the future is now for Ford with reveals for the 14th-generation Ford F-150 coming and the highly-anticipated reveal of the iconic Ford Bronco.

Ford has teased the Bronco’s re-emergence for what seems like a decade now. So the demand and frustration is there. Let’s take a closer look at the upcoming big reveals.

When Will The 2021 Ford F-150 Be Revealed?
In a national reveal, with members of the media invited, Ford will unveil the 2021 Ford F-150 on June 25. Were it not for COVID-19, this would’ve been a big, no expense-spared media drive/reveal event.

Because of the pandemic, the reveal will be virtual, but that doesn’t take away from the excitement and anticipation. We already think we know plenty about the next-gen F-150, but finally Ford will answer questions on “future products.”

Additionally to the June 25 reveal for the media, Ford will reveal details and offer up product experts to Citi Research on a video conference call on June 26.

According to a press release from Ford:
The all-new Ford F-150 will be detailed by company leaders during a June 26 conference call with Citi Research.
The call, hosted by Citi’s Itay Michaeli following the global reveal of the all-new F-150 on June 25, will feature:
• Ford Truck Group Marketing Manager, Todd Eckert
• F-150 Chief Engineer, Craig Schmatz
• Ford Executive Director of Enterprise Connectivity, Stuart Taylor, and
• Ford Executive Director of Investor Relations, Lynn Antipas Tyson

The Ford team will describe innovative features of the all-new F-150 that will help customers around the world “get the job done.” Among new attributes, it will be the first vehicle built on Ford’s new electrical architecture and will receive regular over-the-air updates to key modules controlling vehicle performance and user experiences, including innovative fleet-management solutions for Ford’s commercial customers.

The all-new F-150 is part of the F-Series lineup that has been America’s best-selling truck for 43 straight years and America’s best-selling vehicle of any type for 38 consecutive years.

Callers can listen to the conference call, which will begin at 10 a.m. EDT, by dialing +1 (323) 701-0170 and entering passcode 885943 when instructed. A webcast of the discussion will also available at

Making this info available to the public and shareholders is the right move for Ford to make.

2021 Ford Bronco Two DoorWhen Will The 2021 Ford Bronco Be Revealed?
I reported a couple of weeks ago that the Bronco reveal would be in July, but I didn’t have a specific date at that time. We now know the Bronco reveal will take place (virtually) on July 9 to members of the media.

EDIT: The reveal has been moved to July 13, perhaps as a reaction to the OJ Simpson significant date.

The ironic part is that this is the birth date of OJ Simpson who almost ruined the Bronco’s reputation with his slow-speed chase in his white Bronco. Equally ironic, today, is the anniversary of that infamous chase. Ford, and many of us, hope to put that tainted history forever behind them, although surely, they might’ve picked one day earlier or later to officially launch it.

As such, what we will surely see for the new Bronco will be the two iterations including the classic, rugged, off-road icon, along with the Bronco Sport, which will be a smallish crossover to compete against the Jeep Cherokee and Chevy Blazer.

While everyone is more excited about the full-size Bronco, the profits and success of renewing the Bronco will likely be tied to how well the baby Bronco does, believe it or not.

Small crossovers like the Blazer and Cherokee are incredibly popular and having something engaged could add to Ford’s profits, which they so desperately need right now.

2021 Ford Bronco Sport

As for the regular Bronco, we will all be curious what kind engine options will be available. Will there be a V8? Also, will Ford have a manual transmission option? I believe the answer to both of these questions is yes.

Frankly, if the new Bronco doesn’t excite the die-hard Bronco enthusiasts out there by offering a V8 and a manual transmission, it might be a total bust.

While the F-150 is certainly Ford’s cash cow and the most important vehicle, the Bronco needs to be a hit. From some of the spy photos and speculation, I believe the big Bronco will scratch that itch that’s been gone for a long time. As for the 14th-generation F-150, the spy photos I’ve seen haven’t blown me away. I don’t see a radical enough look. It appears to be a refresh rather than a new model.

Granted it’s hard to mess with a winning formula, but with General Motors creeping up the sales board, Ford needs a wow factor with the 2021 F-150. On June 25 we will see if there’s enough of a wow factor there.
We will have the F-150 and Bronco reveals covered for you in depth here at Torque News. Bang it here for all the latest.

Leave me a comment with anything you hope to see about the 2021 F-150 or the new Broncos.

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