2021 Tesla Model Y and 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E in Quebec
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Canadian EV Expert Explains Why He Thinks The Mustang Mach-E Is A Different Breed Of EV

How does the 2021 Mustang Mach-E hold up in the cold weather of Canada? One EV expert, who has owned several EVs and hybrids, explains why he bought the Mustang Mach-E over the Tesla Model Y.

Yves Racette is a well-known name in the automotive educational training world. He has developed curriculum around electric vehicle maintenance including ADAS and self-driving technologies.

He is a proud Canadian who lives in Montreal, but has travelled all around the world as a trainer for General Motors of Canada. Now he works as a consultant in the U.S. and Canada and provides training on EVs. Since 2019 he has worked for SAE International to produce training on fundamentals of high voltage xEV, safety and PPE.

This isn’t meant to sound like his resume on Indeed but rather to show his impressive background in electric vehicles. Yves is a friend of mine and he recently took ownership of a 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E. So I was interested to know his take on it, as someone with intimate knowledge and experience on EVs and as an early adapter. Plus I found the Canadian viewpoint on the Mustang Mach-E to be interesting.

Yves agreed to do a question and answer with me and also provided all of these photos.

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Astral White

First question is a simple one, tell me what Mach-E you bought including the battery/range, color, etc.?
Yves: I own a Premium Mach-E with AWD extended Range in Astral white (Exterior) and Black onyx (Interior). It’s the 919th car that was produced. I received the car last week of January 2021.
I was the first guy to look under the car and locate an easter egg on the rear motor that says “electric ponies live here” (pictured below).

Ford Mustang Mach-E Easter egg

What made you choose the Mach-E over another EV, specifically the Tesla?
Yves: On my part, I was always looking for a nice vehicle with the size of the Mach-E that could go from where I live (South shore of Montreal ) to Quebec city (about 2-hour drive from here and approx. 160 miles) and not have to charge the car on the way (at least in the nice times of the years which are March to October). I love the look and size of the car. The main problem with Tesla on my part is that they don’t allow us to connect to the vehicle to be able to diagnose the car with a scan tool (or Laptop). We don’t have any regulation here for the right to repair, so we might be able to do it illegally but that’s not the way that I wish to do so on my own car, and I need to have a car I can work on and be able to do the service on it without any restraint. On top of that, there were so many complaints on the fit and finish of the Tesla, which is a big difference with the Mach-E.

Have you owned a Tesla or any other EVs?
Yves: I had three Chevy Volts, my first one was in 2012, then I got a brand new 2014, and a second-generation in 2018. Before the Mach-E, I had a Hyundai Ioniq EV 2017 and I still own a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV since 2018.

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2021 Mustang Mach-E delivery in snow

What has been your experience with the Mach-E so far?
Yves: If I am really honest, in all of the cars I have owned, I had a great experience with the Volt I had, but this car is really a different breed. like the height of the driving position, the seats are comfortable, the power at acceleration that shoots you back in the seats and the technology embedded in that car is really amazing!

Any issues cropped up yet?
Yves: Well I could say at the beginning when you get in the first time it’s a little different than regular cars and a little intimidating at first. There is so much to get used to at once with all the technology but I was lucky enough not to have any issues with mine so far, aside from losing the front protective cap on my front camera washer.

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You mentioned an interesting point about the comfort and quality of the build compared to the Model Y. Tell me what you mean and how you came to that conclusion?
Yves: I heard so much stuff about the Tesla’s fit with all the gap that are uneven, and the paint peeling off, etc. I am always being cautious with all these type of complaints. I will say that without Tesla’s pressure on the automotive world, we might not have seen a Mach-E electric!
Aside from this, the silence of the ride of the Mach-E is really amazing, the quality of the materials with the feel of it and the gaps, are really a notch up from Tesla. We were doing some testing the other day with my wife and our friends that have a Model Y Performance, and the girls are in the back of the Mach-E filming with their phones, at first in the Mach-E and then in the Model Y. My friend's girlfriend says ‘’I think we have a problem with our car it's shaking so much we cannot be stable enough to film in the back!``
This is telling you a lot about the quality of the ride with four adults in the cars!

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2021 Mustang Mach-E charging in the snow

What is the charging like for you up in Canada? Is the colder weather inhibiting your range?
Yves: We have so many charging stations in Quebec right now and they are popping up so fast that we are not getting any problems on that side here for now. For the Mach-E, 30 minutes of charge is really great so far I have used it only during cold months. We have charging stations that are charging at over 100Kw, so an easy 30 min to get from 40% charge to 80% charge.
In the cold weather, if you are used to it all OEM’s models (even Tesla) will suffer and limit the range. If it’s your first EV you might be surprised but you need to know exactly what happens, so before buying one it would be better to talk to owners that have experienced it before assuming and taking the word of the sales guy.

This winter in the Mach E I was comparing with my Hyundai Ioniq:
Ioniq at 25c (77°F ) 258 Km range(160 Miles)
Ioniq at -10c (14°F) 178 Km range (110 Miles)
Ioniq at -30c (-22°F) 116km range (72 Miles)
Mustang Mach-E at *22c (71.6°F) 430Km range (267 Miles)
Mustang Mach-E at -10c (14°F) 300 Km range (186 Miles)
Mustang Mach-E at -30c (-22°F) 258 km range (160 Miles)

Did you have any issue with the Mustang name being used on the Mach-E?
Yves: I did not have any issue with the name at all! But I know a guy that started a petition on that and made the news!

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E white

What do you think is the future of the EV and where does the Mach-E fit into it? Will it see multiple generations or is this a flash in the pan/transition vehicle leading to something else?
Yves: All the new EVs are getting a lot more autonomous, and there is a good chance that in the future a lot more will be available in the market. Many unconventional OEMs are coming out with new products. Look at Rivian, Lucid, Workhorse as an example these new players are really changing the face of the market as we know it. There will be a big competition, but Ford and General Motors have clearly shown their color for the next generation with their products coming in the next few years. As far as the Mach-E I really believe they will continue and might go on building around the name, and I really wish we will see more generation of this in the future.

As an expert, can you talk about solid state battery technology and how that might play a role in the future of EVs?
Yves: Solid-state batteries are safer, cheaper, and can be used for longer without losing any performance and they are require less raw materials. The future battery might be lighter, reach a full charge in around 10 minutes, and will have higher energy density providing a lot more range (it could double the actual range). Less copper and less aluminum will be needed. Graphite and cobalt could be eliminated. Recycling solid-state batteries are much safer and it’s a simpler process. If we look in history all the new generation technologies starting from an exhaust system to a car computer are using a lot less raw materials and it won’t be different with solid states and future battery technologies.

Some people say that the grid is not capable of handling hundreds of thousands of EVs charging, so what is the future of alternate fuel and/or EVs?
Yves: We will see a lot of cars coming with xEVs in the picture, starting from hybrid, to Plug-in Hybrid to Extended range and fully electric without putting aside the fuel cell cars. I am curious to see how the semis will do in all-electric, as I think that maybe these heavy vehicles might have a brighter future in fuel cell versions especially for the long haul! if there are more fueling stations across their path as they go).

Leave your comments or if you have more questions for Yves, leave them in the comments. Maybe I can send them to him and get more answers or do a follow-up story. Also be sure to check out my colleague John Goreham's story on how the Mach-E's delivery volume is one of the highest in EV automotive history. Also, see how Ford kicks off Mustang Week by snagging another Global title.

Jimmy Dinsmore has been an automotive journalist for more than a decade and been a writer since the high school. His Driver’s Side column features new car reviews and runs in several newspapers throughout the country. He is also co-author of the book “Mustang by Design” and “Ford Trucks: A Unique Look at the Technical History of America’s Most Popular Truck”. Also, Jimmy works in the social media marketing world for a Canadian automotive training aid manufacturing company. Follow Jimmy on Facebook, Twitter, at his special Ford F-150 coverage on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can read the most of Jimmy's stories by searching Torque News Ford for daily Ford vehicle report.

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So many Fanboys of Tesla are so upset that there's someone that actually likes something besides Tesla. It's all subjective I've driven in a nice Tesla two years ago but only about one mile and I've also driven in Lincoln's Toyota's Mitsubishi's. The ride quality he's always going to be subjective and it depends on whether you have a sport model with hard springs or a cheaply made import with the parts are coming loose but again his reactions and opinions are true for his particular story. Fanboys don't be so upset no one's taking away your precious Tesla
Amen Julius! It's all subjective.
Julius, Teslas are not perfect. Neither are the competitors. The issue is that this particular article has some serious issues with credentials. The "expert" who has never subjectively looked at a Tesla, never driven one, makes some rather erroneous claims backed with hearsay and weak arguments. A car is "dangerous" because the people in the back seat can't shoot a steady video? Really? Would he say the same thing about a sports car such as a BMW or Porsche or Audi? Doubtful. The Ford is a good first effort for an EV. The article itself would be better if it wasn't fraught with BS and had simply stuck with independently reviewing the Mach-E.
Both of these are cars or sloped hatchbacks in my opinion. Obviously mustang would not come out with a true SUV with a taal back end. Mustangs I've always been two-door coupes but I don't understand Tesla and their insistence on sloping the back roof and losing 5 or 10 extra cubic feet for people to carry their junk. They are both nicely designed but they're certainly not real SUVs or even cubs. And I certainly would never try them through the woods on a real path with rocks and sticks. I guess we'll have to wait for Jeep to electrify or a Hummer under $50,000 that has batteries. Probably someone actually at Buick is planning an electric SUV because it seems they are the only ones doing strictly SUVs from now on and I can't get a sedan anymore to replace why two cars. But in reality I'm really waiting for a used ev SUV under $20, 000
I've heard a lot of people say they're waiting for a used one. As for the Hummer under $50K I agree, but that won't happen. I think GM missed a great chance to revive that nameplate but dropped a six figure price on it.
Both of these are cars or sloped hatchbacks in my opinion. Obviously mustang would not come out with a true SUV with a taal back end. Mustangs I've always been two-door coupes but I don't understand Tesla and their insistence on sloping the back roof and losing 5 or 10 extra cubic feet for people to carry their junk. They are both nicely designed but they're certainly not real SUVs or even cubs. And I certainly would never try them through the woods on a real path with rocks and sticks. I guess we'll have to wait for Jeep to electrify or a Hummer under $50,000 that has batteries. Probably someone actually at Buick is planning an electric SUV because it seems they are the only ones doing strictly SUVs from now on and I can't get a sedan anymore to replace why two cars. But in reality I'm really waiting for a used ev SUV under $20, 000
Thank you for the article as it has been very informative. As a boomer that has owned many cars over the years, I find the new technology paradigm shift to be of great interest. My next car will probably be an EV, and as a muscle car guy of old, will probably be a Mach E. Ford made a brilliant move naming this car a Mustang as it ensures that EV's are noticed by the public. This one move is bringing EV ownership palatable to a wider audience than anything else to date. Most disturbing however are the Tesla fan boi's, who have to always denigrate, and even threaten those that don't agree with their point of view. Mind you, this only comes from Tesla followers. I have read dozens at articles about the new EV' s and they are always there talking smack against anything and anyone not Tesla. This is a dangerous mindset, and counter productive to their desires. If they really want to see everyone go EV, calm the rhetoric down guys. Otherwise, I appreciate this perspective from someone that has owned a number of EV' s and has the tremendous level of industry experience this man has.
Tesla is more pure American muscle than ford... the Mach e doesn't even compete with a tesla, it's about 8 years behind in terms of performance and power for an ev. A long range awd tesla can charge at 250kw vs 150kw on the Mach e, and be more efficient. So you charge with less energy and time, while going just as far. There's a reason why people are tesla fanatics.
Pure muscle. LOL that's hilarious.
But for me, I am biased because I will buy a fully loaded Mustang Mach-E 4X Premium and go on a road trip anyway.
Thank you for the comment!
Best wishes with charging the Ford Mach-E while doing road trip. The Ford hasn't been tested like the Tesla.
Stan, very true. I'm working on an interesting about this exact thing. For sure Tesla has the leg up on everyone in that regard.
You are right. And we have to remember that charging infrastructure is still close to infancy. It's changing fast. And we also have to remember that not all cars have to be good at all use cases. You don't put full sheets of plywood into a 911. No one says "don't buy a 911 because you can't haul building materials." My wife had two Fiat 500es. She has a 9 mile commute. Perfect car for her even though it's crap for road trips and full sheets of plywood don't fit in it either! (She's onto a Crosstrek PHEV this time).
From reading this article he states he NEVER owned a Tesla car he's only Heard about them. That's your 1st problem to compare issues and as far as riding smooth and quiet Tesla has been doing that for years. See the Mach E vs the Model Y lol. Model Y burns it! One true statement he mentions: Mach E would never be born if it wasn't for TESLA the 1 and Only EV KING!!
So even though he test drove one and has a lot of knowledge, only people who spent to buy a Tesla can be critical? That's ridiculous perspective. He test drove, sited why it wasn't a fit for him and chose not to get it. You can disagree with his opinion, but take the Tesla rose colored glasses off.
The paragraph below the title of the article states “ (Yves) explains why he bought the Mustang Mach-E over the Tesla Model Y.” I am actively in the market for an EV and considering between the Mach-E and Model Y and so I came to this article to find substantial reasons as to why one would purchase one EV over another. The only reason I found was that he can connect his OBDII to the Mach-E which t has nothing to do with the general public’s interest. I am never going to fix my own car as most of the public wouldn’t either. This is why we have mechanic shops. I was hoping for better reasons to pick the Mach-E over the Model Y. Misleading title and summary for the article.
Each person's reasons is subjective. As someone mechanical that was an issue for him, but he also did point out the fit and finish and the rougher ride of the Tesla vs. the Mach-E.
Here where I live in north New Jersey pse&g are upgrading alot of substations around me! Ibew 164
When you made the cold weather comparison in the interview, you didn't mention the Tesla. I thaugh Tesla VS Mustang was the point of the article and the fact that you are in a cold climate...How did the Tesla compare?
The headline clearly indicates it's about the Mach-E, not the Tesla. Why throw in the cold weather testing on a vehicle he didn't drive. That wouldn't be fair and the Tesla fan bois would call me out for that.
I recently took ownership of a Mach E. I am interested in doing a cross Canada tour in it. Has anyone already done this? Do you think I could get support from either Ford or a company like Petro Canada to do this?
He has not tried tesla's, only heard stories. I own a MYP, and have none of the issues that he "heard" about. I will gladly compare my car to any Mach-e, and get a neutral review. This is not a neutral review. Credentials or not, basing yourself on stories is not factual, and removes some of his reputation acting this way. He is actually comparing the Ford to a Chevrolet Volt. Brilliant.