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Will There Be Another Generation Of Toyota Prius?

Toyota has a history of changing model lineups every 5 years or so. With generation 4 Prius coming to that mark, the people are left wondering, will there be another Prius? Here are my thoughts.


There has been a lot of speculation about a 5th generation Prius. There are rumors that Prius is going away (I doubt that), and there are rumors Prius will be redesigned for at least one more generation.

Whatever you have heard, I am sure there are threads of truth to the story. I do not claim to have the whole truth either, as my information comes from some personal contacts.

I will share what I believe Toyota is doing with Prius and some things that we can expect from the 5th generation, should it grace our presence.

Will We See A 5th Generation Toyota Prius?
Knowing Toyota as I do, my personal feeling is that we will see a Gen 5 Prius. However, I think it will be radically different than anything we have seen before.

Toyota has been watching and waiting for the right moment to unleash the next wave of tech. With all their years in battery research, I would bet that we will see a Prius that can now get close to 70+ MPG average as a non-plug-in.

2020 Toyota Prius AWD-e Silver

This information is part speculation, but Prius has consistently hit more significant numbers with each generation. If Prius were to stay on-trend, I think during good weather, we could see 70 MPG averages.

I also think that Toyota has been planning a new body design for lower drag coefficients too. A tesla-esque body could be something that breathes new life into an aging model. Prus is beautiful in its way, but it also could use a stark transition.

With the Prius following and how much Toyota loves hybrids, I feel we will see another Prius generation. I think there is too much at stake for them to pull the car from the lineup.

I could be wrong, but you never know. The Mirai has been gaining traction, and with the announcement of a potential Tundra hybrid... well, anything is possible.

That is all for today! Thank you for reading. I look forward to seeing you in the next article. Is it worth it to get a high mileage Prius?

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