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Why The Toyota Prius Will Never Be Self Driving

FSD Autopilot is the buzzword these days with Tesla cars. If these features are going to be part of our future should we see them in vehicles such as the Toyota Prius? I do not think so and here is why.


Full self-driving is a feature that Tesla and other car manufacturers are trying to perfect. I have personally driven a Tesla 3 with autopilot and most of the functions of FSD. It is very different but can also be relaxing if you tune in to how the car functions.

Tesla continues to push for FSD; cars such as the Toyota Prius are getting left in the dust without modern features. My question is, why? I have a theory on this, and I believe that Prius will never see full self-driving.

Toyota Is Not Concerned With FSD
The first reason I believe Prius will never see FSD is that Toyota is not focused on playing that game. Full Self-Driving was made popular by Tesla, and now other automakers are also following suit. Toyota does not seem to care.

2022 Toyota Prius Night Shade Metallic Trim Black

Toyota Motor is focused on hybrid technology and advancing the world of the gasoline engine, which some say is foolish. I believe that this is one reason Toyota does not care to add such features; they would instead perfect proven technology and keep their business sustainable.

Toyota Prius Is Not A Tesla
Toyota Prius has many features on it that are luxury, but it certainly is no Tesla. Prius as a car focuses on leveraging hybrid technology that is now proven itself.

Toyota has added features to the car, such as heated seats, better infotainment, and lithium-ion battery options, but not self-driving. Even the Toyota Safety sense is a rudimentary ping pong game at best.

2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance

Toyota has no desire to put a feature into Prius like FSD because to the Prius market; it does not make sense to them.

I fully believe that Toyota has the capability to put FSD into anything they want. I also believe that they make very calculated executions on releasing new technology into the world.

If we are to see any FSD from Toyota in cars like the Prius, it will not be for at least another decade.

That is all for today. Thank you for reading, and remember, Today's Adventure is Tomorrow's Story.

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