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Prolong Battery Repair Kit Saved My Toyota Camry Hybrid

I bought a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid to learn on. The battery was acting up, so I decided to test out the Prolong Kit from Hybrid Automotive. Here are the results.

There are plenty of people out there who despise battery reconditioning. To the haters, I say, well, apparently it works because there are massive companies worldwide doing it.

There are plenty of factors that play a significant role in how well reconditioning works. If you buy a battery from a large company that has done its business on this process, you will know there are ways to cut corners and still provide your customer with a working battery.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Prolong Deluxe Kit

I know battery reconditioning works, which is why I asked my friends over at Hybrid Automotive if I could test out their Prolong Deluxe kit on my 2007 Camry Hybrid. They agreed, and I got to work.

I wanted to see how well the battery would recondition without doing anything to it. No cleaning of the bus bars, to module swapping, just good ol' fashioned reconditioning. Here are my results.

What Did The Car Need?/strong>
The 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid had a bad battery after sitting for months during the COVID-19 pandemic height. I bought the car for a reasonable price and got to work solving the issues. The first being the hybrid battery that needed repair.

I have reconditioned many batteries before with great results, so I wanted to try it on this one too. Usually, I would take the battery out, clean all the bus bars, test the modules, and replace them as needed, but I wanted to do something different this time.

I wanted to see if doing only a reconditioning process would work. No cleaning, no testing. It certainly would test the capability of the Prolong equipment.

The Process
The process requires a few days to complete the charge/discharge cycles of the battery. I installed the harness and went to work.

After a few days, I unplugged the car from the charger, let it rest then went on a test drive. I was surprised to feel and experience the Camry hybrid in a way I previously had not. The car was responsive and fuel-efficient.

I am going to take the battery apart now and do some deeper cleaning and repair. The Prolong system worked, but I could have done a better job by cleaning the battery and testing the modules.

After the repair I did get my energy monitor to work properly again. When a hybrid battery is not functioning the system will not show the power spilt on the screen. This first sign is a good one to tell me I am on the right track.

2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid Energy Monitor Working

The Prolong system is a great product and will help any hybrid owner get their car back on the road for a fraction of what it costs to put a new battery into the vehicle. It worked for me and certainly can work for you too.

If you have questions about battery reconditioning or want to know more about my process, you can find my YouTube Channel where I have the video and leave me a comment.

Thank you for reading, and remember Today's Adventure is Tomorrow's Story.

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