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Toyota Prius And Allbird Shoes, A Match Made In Heaven

If you are a Toyota Prius owner and are out this weekend, consider stopping in your local Allbirds shoe store, or visiting them online. You may have found a second love you never knew existed.

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You may be asking yourself what in the world a shoe company and the Toyota Prius have in common. My answer to you is, more than you think.

Allbird shoes are quickly becoming a sensation and not just because they are comfortable, but because they, like the Prius have started a footwear revolution. Here is why if you drive a Prius, you should also own a nifty pair of Allbird shoes.

Toyota Prius and Allbird Shoes, Changing The World
1997, Japan, the first Toyota Prius rolls out into the lives of the Japanese. It was a huge hit. 2001, the United States, Prius changes the lives of Americans that begin buying them.

Prius changed the way we thought about the automobile but it also changed the way that we were thinking about our future. That future is sustainability. Prius reduced tailpipe emissions, reduced the amount of fuel being consumed by an internal combustion engine, and it also reduced the amount of maintenance required to operate it as well. Less oil for the engine, less transmission fluid, less brake jobs, etc. The Prius really is a forward thinking car in terms of getting us to think about how much we are consuming.

Allbird shoes wool runner as comfortable as a Toyota Prius

This type of thinking led to a new type of apparel. Shoes. Yes, the things you put on your feet and wear around. All over the world there are billions of pairs of these foot devices and most of them made from synthetic materials. That type of thinking has lead to far more pollution through the use of dyes, waste and other materials that are not ways we can positively make an impact for our future.

Rome was not built in a day, and changing the world will not happen overnight either, but this sure is a great start.

The Story Changed Me, And My Life
This sounds really odd that I could find a connection between some "eco shoes" and a car, but it really is true. Prius was literally built to be a car of the future. The story of Prius takes us back to 1992 when Japan asked, what is the future of transportation. Prius, the before car, was the precursor to our modern society of transportation, and forward "eco friendly" thinking.

This car has given us things like regen braking, electric power steering, Insulated Gate Bi-polar Transistors (IGBT) and many other things. It is not just about the car, or the fuel economy, it is about the way we think about our tomorrow and what we need to do today in order to have one.

Knowing this now has changed my life for sure. I think very differently when I drive my Prius, not because I want my high fuel economy, but because I want to now how I am impacting the world in which I live. If I can reduce my waste, it leaves the planet cleaner for my kids. That is forward thinking.

Allbirds has changed my life also. They have a really cool story and I would highly suggest you check it out. This story of Allbirds is what attracted me to buying pair and trying them for myself. I believe in a sustainable future, where we can find balance in transportation needs and limiting our impact on the earth as well. Allbird shoes are made from natural renewable resources, and made in factories that are very economical.

The Merino Wool that comes on some of the shoes, is the softest and strongest wool you can get, plus it is really comfy. It was odd how comfortable they were, and until I started wearing them daily it felt like owning a Prius for the first time, different and good. Another cool thing is that because the shoes are naturally moisture wicking, you can many times not even have to wear socks. I have done this on several occasions and loved how "slipper esque" they feel on my feet while providing support and comfort.

I love that I can put on a shoe that feels amazing, and is helping to keep the planet from being polluted. Total win win.

If you buy a pair of Allbirds know you are doing a good thing for your feet and for the world. If you keep driving your Prius, thank you for joining us in the revolution to have a better tomorrow. You may or may not have the same ideas as me about how cool shoes and cars are but hey, to each their own.

Have a stellar weekend, enjoy driving (if you are going anywhere) and check out Allbirds, you just may find the second love of your life, right next to your Prius. See you in the next story.

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Peter Neilson is an automotive consultant specializing in electric cars and hybrid battery technologies. He is an automotive technology instructor at Columbia Basin College. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Automotive Service Technology from Weber State University. Peter is also an Adjunct Instructor of automotive technology at Columbia Basin College. Peter can be reached on Linkedin and you can tweet him at The_hybrid_guy on Twitter.

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