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Chevrolet Bolt Customers Flock To Toyota For A Solution

The problem with having a car that gets recalled is that your customer base many times loses faith in your brand. With the Chevrolet Bolt recall where are all the customers going?

I once owned a 1984 Subaru GL. The car had more problems than I care to count, and it was a nightmare to try and get anyone to work on it. Even though I am a car guy, and I know that Subaru has a decent reputation, it caused me to leave the brand permanently.

Ever since the Subaru, I have primarily owned Toyota products. Every one of them is an easy to fix and mostly stellar vehicles. In fact, I have rarely deviated from the brand because I have seldom had an issue with it.

I am a car guy through and can usually get past the strange issues with manufacturing. I still enjoy owning a Toyota Prius even though the third generation in the early years became very problematic. But just because I can get over issues does not mean that everyone can.

Chevrolet Bolt owners are thoroughly disappointed in the recent recall to turn in their cars, and I do not blame them. I have driven the Chevrolet Bolt and found it to be a true delight of an experience. The car is peppy and affordable. It has plenty of amenities that give the owner a pleasurable experience.

So, where are all the Bolt owners going to get the same joy from owning an electric car? Well, I have a theory.

Why Bolt Owners Are Choosing Toyota "Prime" vehicles
In a neighboring article about Toyota Rav4 Prime, the data presented show a massive increase in delivered Rav4 Prime models; in fact, Toyota delivered nearly 20,000 this year alone.

This is excellent news considering the Elektrik called the Rav4 Prime "laughable." My instinct tells me that if you have upset Bolt owners who loved the feeling of pure electric, they will probably be searching for something comparable.

The Rav4 Prime and other Prime models that Toyota currently offers to give all those Chevrolet owners a welcome refuge to the inferiority of their previous vehicle. Toyota, for many years already has a proven track record of their hybrids (despite the early third generation).

I literally have no data to back this up, other than there is a significant increase in Rav4 Prime sales since the Bolt recall earlier this year.

Rav4 Prime offers a fantastic dual-purpose drivetrain that is ultra-efficient on gasoline and gives a decent electric range.

I think that any Toyota hybrid or "prime" product is undoubtedly a win on any front. That is all for today. Remember, today's adventure is tomorrow's story.

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Peter Neilson is an automotive consultant specializing in electric cars and hybrid battery technologies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Automotive Service Technology from Weber State University. Peter can be reached on Linkedin and you can tweet him at The_hybrid_guy on Twitter. Find his page on Facebook at Certified Auto Consulting. Read more of Peter's stories at Toyota news coverage on Torque News. Search Toyota Prius Torque News for more in depth Prius coverage from our reporter.


DeanMcManis (not verified)    October 5, 2021 - 1:12AM

With Honda and Toyota being the top sellers in this small crossover market segment, it's hardly a reach to have their popular hybrid crossovers see a sales bump following Chevy's halt on Bolt sales. I'm sure that Tesla, VW, Hyundai, Ford, Nissan and Subaru also have raised sales as well. Of course it is a shame that Toyota and Honda do not have BEV models to directly compete, but they will come in 2022-23, along with Nissan's Ariya.

JB (not verified)    October 6, 2021 - 2:47PM

You: “I have a theory, and the data supports it”

Also you, in the same article: “I literally have no data to back this up”

Yet you wrote a whole speculative article about it with no evidence. Here’s a data point for you: I am a Chevy Bolt EV owner and while I’m disappointed in GM and this whole fiasco, I’m sticking with my Bolt because it’s a great car and GM is obligated to make it right. Fortunately for me the recall precautions are a minor inconvenience. I’m sure the RAV 4 prime is a fine car but I’m not interested in a larger vehicle that still burns gasoline. Hence I want to be “all electric” as you say, which the RAV 4 is not. Maybe some Bolt owners are interested in those vehicles but hardly enough to drive up Prime sales as you suggest. You seem to just be a Toyota fanboy (do they pay you? Hmm you do sell a training course as a Toyota certified tech, so yes).

Perhaps go ask the forum over at and maybe you can get some real data before you report nonsense about Bolt owners “flocking” to Toyota. Toyota’s are great cars - I’ve owned several - but this is not journalism, this is you trying to make news and sell Toyotas because you benefit financially rom it.

Reddit (not verified)    October 8, 2021 - 2:57AM

This is excellent news considering the Elektrik called the Rav4 Prime "laughable."

Well, electrek is pretty much a Tesla mouthpiece.