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Cat Security Releases Protection Shield For Toyota Prius V

If you own a Toyota Prius V you may want to tune in. Catalytic converter theft has become one of the hottest topics with Prius owners of all generations. See what you can do to protect your Prius from unnecessary repairs.

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There is no doubt about it; Cat Security™ is the most popular and fastest-selling anti-theft protection device for Toyota Prius. The protection is for the high dollar catalytic converters that are being stolen in record-breaking numbers.

Generation 2 Prius (2004-2009) has been and still is a primary target, but thieves have not let up on ravaging other generations.

Cat Security™ has been evolving since the company was founded only a short nine months ago. They have been very busy building specialty products to suit a fast-growing market. Their latest product now covers a very coveted Prius, the V.

If you have not heard of this product before, let me fill you in on what it is and why you need to have it on your Prius.

What Is Cat Security™?
Cat Security™ is simply a robust aluminum shield that is an exact fit to the underside of your Toyota Prius. The guard is a fantastic theft deterrent because it blocks the easy to cut and unbolt areas of the converter.

all generations of cat security

The shield is designed to fit into the areas that are easiest for thieves to get. The perfectly fit shield is designed with the car in mind. This shield is not some cruddy clamp or rebar welded on your Prius, but rather an expertly hand-crafted genius design.

Why Is Cat Security™ So Effective?
The design of the shield may seem simple and that a thief could cut through it like butter. What many are not thinking about is what it would take for a thief through the shield. Let me explain.

A good set of thieves can have the converter out of a Prius within a few minutes. Then they have about $300 - $1000 of scrap they can get for it. If they do this ten times or more a night, that will yield significant profit for them. What thieves do not want are two things. First, they do not want to get caught. Anything that will up the chances of them making a quick score is bad news. Second, they do not like taking more time than is necessary to carry out a job.

Toyota Prius V Cat Security Shield

Cat Security™ is so effective because it is challenging to work with. The time required to remove the converter then goes up drastically. Second, the noise made trying to remove it would cause a ton of attention to them.

What Does Cat Security™ Cover?
Currently, Cat Security™ covers Generation 2, 3, and 4 Prius along with Prius V. There are plans in the works to cover all Prius generations and models.

Do not let yourself be a victim of catalytic converter theft on your Prius; it is not worth the risk. Get protected today with the best protection your Prius can get.

Thank you, everyone, I look forward to seeing you in the next story. Use This Tip To Save Money When Rebuilding A Toyota Prius Hybrid Traction Battery.

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