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Use This Tip To Save Money When Rebuilding A Toyota Prius Hybrid Traction Battery

Needing to rebuild your Toyota Prius hybrid battery? Use this tip to save money when buying modules.

I have built many Toyota Prius hybrid batteries and am always looking for new ways to cut costs. The cheaper I can rebuild batteries, the less overall cost I have to own and operate my Prius. Basically, I think of it as more money for things that I want.

I have shared loads of tips and tricks before to hybrid owners, and this one is also right up that ally. Plus, knowing this can also give you a boost when fixing up your friends' Prius as well.

The Prius Gold Mine For Used Battery Modules

Many people are not aware that from 2008 to 2013, GM made a hybrid SUV, and from 2007 to 2009, Chrysler/Dodge also made a hybrid SUV. They also used the same 300V hybrid battery pack.

That means that these monster hybrids (that got a whopping 20 mpg, not bad for a gas guzzler) carried a large 40 module battery pack. These packs are secret, and here is why. They use the same battery modules that Toyota has been using for over two decades.

Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid Battery Module

These hybrids are more often than not used for parts as they ended up not being as popular as Prius. More importantly, their components and their batteries can and should be used to repair better hybrids like Prius.

Many wrecking yards are also letting them go for pennies on the dollar. A recent yard I called had a Tahoe sitting for months going nowhere. I asked what the price on the battery was and was quoted $300. The thought of me being able to swap in low mileage modules for a few hours of time makes me super happy.

When swapping modules be sure you always balance and condition modules that have been sitting. Low mileage modules are a great way to breathe some new life into an aged Prius.

Thank you all for reading, hope this can help you get your Prius back onto the road for cheap.

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