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5 Exciting Events Still Happening in 2019 At Tesla

Excitement is brewing around Tesla with leaked photos and interviews of some upcoming news. Some significant events are still happening this year at Tesla and we are discussing 5 of them including the Model S and X refresh, Tesla Pickup and Maxwell batteries.


We don't have much details about Tesla happenings. But without details, we can only speculate on what they will be, Model S and X refresh, Tesla Pick up, Maxwell batteries and more.

Tesla insurance

First and the one that should be happening next month is Tesla Insurance. Elon and Tesla owners have not been happy with the price that insurance companies quote for Tesla vehicles. The Model S and Model X are some of the highest to insure. My Model S insurance premium is almost double what my Model 3 is. At the Tesla shareholder meeting last week, Elon said that they were waiting for one more acquisition to happen and they would be able to move forward with the Tesla insurance program. Not sure if they are buying an insurance company or technology but exciting none the less. This is the one I can't wait for.

Tesla Pick up - Model P

Tesla Pickup Truck Teaser

This summer, Tesla will be unveiling the much anticipated Tesla Pick up truck. Elon is very excited about this truck. I think he has put a lot of personal design time into it. In the past, he said that the truck would look like no other truck on the road, and not everyone will like it. "Straight out of a Syfy" movie were his words. Could be very interesting.

Elon also said that the truck will have some innovations that no other truck has right now. This has led many people to try and guess what those will be — everything from adjustable truck bed length to different ways to use the tailgate. At the Model Y event earlier this year Elon gave a small teaser on the screen when everyone was walking out to see and go for a ride in the Model Y. A long light will go the length of the front of the truck. Many people think that it is the headlight. I think it might be the way to get into the frunk, or the front trunk. It might open like a drawer and drop down like a front tailgate — a different way of using storage in a more massive truck that will be higher off the ground.

Battery - Powertrain Day

Tesla Battery and Powertrain Day

Battery and powertrain day for investors will be later this year. Hopefully sooner than later but it will be after the pickup truck unveil event. Elon said at the last shareholder meeting that they will be holding a conference like the autonomy day event for investors. In this event, they will be talking about the new batteries and the new motor technology coming in the future for Tesla. They will talk a lot about the Maxwell tech for the new battery cells.

Last month Tesla finalized the deal and bought the Maxwell company for the breakthrough battery tech they developed. Tesla has already stated that the battery and motors are rated for 500k miles right now and later they will be rated to go 1 million miles. This is essential for a sustainable future; cars last longer means less waste.

If a Tesla lasts a million miles, you will need to replace seats before any other significant issues. Different maintenance for future cars, I guess.

Model S and Model X Refresh

Tesla Model S Refresh

Model S and Model X refresh are what many people are really hoping for this year. No one is certain if it will happen, but there are many leaked photos and talk about the subject. Is Tesla due for a refresh on those cars? Maybe the S needs an update as it has had the same look sense 2012. Just a front bumper has been different.

The Model X is a newer design and was brought to market after the Model S so I could see Tesla not touching that design now.

But does Tesla need to refresh the Model S now or do they have more important things to work on?

I am sure that Franz Von Holzhausen, lead designer for Tesla, has the design for the new car already finished. My feeling is that Tesla needs to get the Model Y in production this year and start delivering the beginning of 2020. Then get the truck to market as soon as possible. Those two are the best selling vehicles in North America. Unveil the new design sometime next year for the Model S and Model X.

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Race the Tesla Semi

Tesla Semi Truck

One of the referral prizes that Tesla owners could have won was to race the Tesla Semi. That should be happening this year. I have won a chance to go to that event because of my YouTube channel. At that event, we should be able to take the Semi on a track to see how nimble and fast the truck is.

Elon stated that the semi will go 0-60 in 5 seconds with an empty trailer. If that is true, then we should be racing it against a ford mustang. That will be a magnificent sight to see a large semi beat a sports car. Of course that is not necessary for a semi to be able to do that but what is more important is the ability for it to carry large loads and keep up with traffic while not using large amounts of diesel fuel.

The Tesla Semi will be far more efficient over a typical diesel semi.

I am sure Tesla has many other little things happening with new software updates coming this year too. But these are some of the more significant events that people are waiting for this year. Tell me in the comments what you are most excited for Tesla to bring out this year.

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Simon (not verified)    June 20, 2019 - 10:51PM

What makes you think battery day is after the pick up truck unveiling? This is my thinking: the s and x refresh and pick up truck will come out at the same event at Q3. But the refresh needs context since the battery will be a big part of it. So will it be smarter to have a battery day first? Another thing may happen is another update conference on FSD. Elon says he will have another autonomous day once they hit feature complete. May be before Christmas?? (I am hoping...may not happen that soon though)