2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition interior ash seats SofTex passenger seat
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You Will Love this New Upgrade for 2022 Toyota Highlander

Toyota adds a new feature for 2022 Highlander. Passengers, especially, will really appreciate it.

When vehicles change model years, manufacturers often look for ways to make them better. Even though it might not be redesigned or even slightly refreshed each year, a vehicle may get one or two new features to keep things fresh.

In this case, I will tell you about something new coming to one of our favorite family road trip vehicles.

Toyota Highlander.

2022 Toyota Highlander Changes

2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition profile front end

Toyota recently issued a press release announcing the launch of the new Highlander Bronze Edition. Actually, it is offered only as a hybrid, so it will officially be called 2022 Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition.

Read more about Bronze Edition in my recent Torque News story.

So that is one change. Another is a color switch from Blizzard Pearl to Wind Chill Pearl, which will make 2022 Highlander brighter and even more eye-catching.

But it is in this press release where I learned something else new coming to 2022 Toyota Highlander. Really it was more of an afterthought in the whole statement.

One of those “blink and you will miss it” lines.

Toyota Highlander will now have a power passenger seat that can be adjusted for height. Whoa dude. This is big.

2022 Highlander Seating

2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition interior ash seats SofTex front seats

Here is the part of the Highlander press release that caught my eye. But only after reading it a couple times. I missed it the first read-through.

“The Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition is also a glimpse into new offerings for 2022 Highlander, overall. This includes height/tilt power passenger seat adjustments, which will also be standard on 2022 Highlander XLE and above.”

2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition interior ash seats front seats SofTex

So it looks as if all 2022 Highlander trims that are XLE and up (including Highlander Hybrid trims) will have this addition.

This is one of those additions that will prove to be small but impactful for many passengers.

I cannot tell you how many comments I have received over time from my “Toyotajeff” YouTube channel viewers about this very subject. But it is a lot. It really is.

Something to the effect of “Jeff, when will Toyota allow front seat passengers to move their seats up and down?”

And I completely agree.

All passengers want to be comfortable on road trips. This includes people who are taller, shorter, and who have average height. Basically, everyone.

So now, 2022 Toyota Highlander accommodates all front seat passengers, including both driver and co-pilot. Extra comfort. And this will go a long way on road trips.

My wife bought a 2021 Highlander Limited (in Moon Dust color) six months ago, and I wish this feature was included in her car. Now I am a little jealous of what 2022 Highlander buyers will be getting.

Time for Your Toyota Highlander Comments

2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition interior multimedia dashboard

Thanks for reading everyone. Please bookmark my Torque News / Toyota News column to keep updated on the latest Toyota developing stories and breaking news. There will be many of them in the coming weeks.

Do you think this new height-adjustable power passenger seat is important? Would you want this in your current vehicle (if it does not have it already)?

And how about that new Highlander Hybrid Bronze Edition?

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See you next story when I talk about fan reaction to a lime 2022 4Runner TRD Pro.

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People do not care about these "upgrades". What we want is a plug-in version of the Highlander...capable of 50+ miles per charge.
I'd settle for 20 miles on a plug in charge. I have no need to upgrade my 2016 HiHy. A conversion kit would suit me just fine.
I have a 2001 highlander limited 230,000 miles just broke down needing electric knock sensors replacement. What we would like to see is a hybrid with 50+ electric capability yes! AND how about a suit case type carrier with more electric batteries that can be charged and add more mileage and plugs in at your convenience. I love my highlander never really needed anything cept' oil change, brake pads and tires...quality built from Japan.
Only goofballs buy "elect trick" cars!
Only goofballs buy "elect trick" cars!
I just bought a 2021 hylander platinum and debated abkut changing but only had mine for 3 months. Moon dust with glazed caramel..
Like the height adjustment. Also need lumbar adjustment for passenger seating! And big reason we did not buy Highlander was no white (forget that mica and pearl - just wanted a white vehicle).
You may be better off without white ( Super White ) is a BIG PROBLEM . Had to spend hundreds to correct chipping and flacked paint on my RAV. No wonder that color & now Blizzard Pearl are not offered.
We we’re going to buy a Rav 4 in the XLE Premium edition but were shocked to learn that Toyota didn’t make any model with fully adjustable passenger seat. My wife suffers from both kinds of arthritis and must have a comfortable seat for travel. To think we spend all this money on a vehicle and not get what you want is incredulous. We instead bought a Honda CRV and couldn’t be happier. Shame on Toyota for being so short sighted and totally out of sync with our needs.
I have owned a 2018 and currently own a 2020 Highlander Limited. I will not have another Highlander. Wind noise, hard riding, no power passenger seat, driver seat uncomfortable, and the nav system is not accurate. The vehicle is overpriced. Other comparable vehicles hav longer mileage warranties, more options included and are better riding. All at a lower price.
Could not Dis-agree with you More. That 2020 Highlander Platinum is Absolutely Incredible. DID I SAY ABSOLUTELY!! YES I DID!!! And I buy a Lot of Cars for my Company Executives. Sounds like you need a Chevy ,Ford or Dodge to make you Happy!!! :-) :-)
Bought a 2012 highlander hybrid limited new. Front passenger seat has power seat...goes up as it moves forward. Four excellent cupholders in front console. Best feature ever and should be in every car. Wife will not allow it to ever be sold for that reason alone. Bring back 4 cup holders!
Those upgrades are fine but they need to improve the inside technology on the screen. I now have had 2 Toyota's. The newest one 2 weeks ago 2021 XLE and the dash screen capabilities are still behind times. Using a cord hooked to your phone is a pain. Entune does not work without staying hooked in to your phone and no navigation.
Those upgrades are fine but they need to improve the inside technology on the screen. I now have had 2 Toyota's. The newest one 2 weeks ago 2021 XLE and the dash screen capabilities are still behind times. Using a cord hooked to your phone is a pain. Entune does not work without staying hooked in to your phone and no navigation.
I totally agree about the navigation. This is the firs Toyota that I've had in a while that doesn't have its own navigation without being hooked to your phone. I have a 2020 xle. Before this, I had a 2017 xle that had its own navigation built in. I've had Rav 4s, also with navigation. Disappointed.
If ONLY an option for cooled seating, not just heated seats.
They do have cooling seats. Mine (2018 platinum) has heat and cool for both front seats
The wireless charger area on the Highlander is too small for my iPhone 12 Pro Max when the phone is in a case making that feature useless in my 2021 Toyota Highlander.
Love my “new to me” 2011 Highlander. Was a salesman’s car and the back seat had never been sat in! The 3rd seat never used! Paid $9,700 cash and it’s all mine and what a bargain! It still had a new car smell! I had to put in a new battery a month after purchasing but I didn’t care! This car purrs like a kitten and runs like a top. It even came with a full set of Weather-Tec mats. I love this car so much but not gonna lie... this new one is tempting!
Hybrid mileage sucks! Advertised at 27 mpg city or hwy. My 2014 hasn’t topped 23.5 mpg since I drove it off the lot! It’s my wife’s car less someone think it’s a lead-footed husband suppressing the Hybrid benefit. Have friends with the gas version and AWD who get 3-4 mpg better mileage. Reliable for sure; good mileage absolutely not!
Amen to that John. I am furious as I got the 2021 Hybrid. Advertised at getting 600 miles to a tank. I get 450. Should be 35/36 MPG's. I am sometimes at 29 MPG's. Still waiting for them to figure this out. I paid more for a Hybrid, and for what I ask.....
It's the year of your vehicle. Bought a 2020 Highlander in December, it averages 39 miles too the gallon.
What engine do you have? I should have stated that I have the 3.5 L V6. As I recall the 2014 was available in a 2.7 L 4-cylinder.
I left Acura MDX for a Highlander because the Highlander still has a SHIFT GEAR handle and not crazy, user unfriendly push-buttons. My daughter just got her second Honda Pilot and says the buttons are confusing and she has to look down to shift. Be happy. Acura also had buttons, whatever, very difficult to get used to. My only complaint, the p rograms are difficult to change and I don’t know how to turn off the heat/air conditioning. I’m going in for my check up and hope they explain it! My phone works fine on Bluetooth. Love it. No plug.
I have a 2014 and everytime I turn around the battery has to be recharged especially if not used every second dayl
When are they going to release refresh information on the 2022 Rav4?
2022 Highlander needs retractable side mirrors, full adjustable seat for driver and passenger, and a plug-in option. And finally, wireless CarPlay.
Hi, Jeff- Love your site! I have owned 8 Highlanders since 2004 and my current one is a 2019. I really don’t like the new Highlander redesign- I’m 6’2” and the drivers compartment (and passenger) have lost 2” of legroom plus the console invades room for your right knee—-it’s very, very uncomfortable. The drivers area is very cramped for tall drivers. I don’t think that I could own it as every drive was uncomfortable. I had a 2021 for a week while my 2019 was in for a recall repair and overall, regardless of some interior trim, the vehicle feels like it has been cheapened. Hate the front end styling — looks like a wide mouth bass. Overall- a downmarket look. One feature eliminated is the back hatch window that was great for grabbing items in a closed garage. I think I’ll be skipping this new generation when I replace the 2019 in a year or so. Last, why was the wheel width reduced? Cheap cheap. It reminds me of the ugly 1997 Camry redesign that followed the beautiful 1996 V6 I owned.
My family and I have driven and loved Toyotas for over 3 decades now. I'm looking to get an SUV to replace my 2012 Camry SE soon. I only like Sporty looking cars, hate the chrome, and really want an 2022 Highlander XSE Because it looks awesome. Don't like the LE, XLE, Limited, or Platinum. Too bad I cannot get the features I want of VENTILATED seats, Heated Steering Wheel, and Panoramic Roof in a Highlander XSE. My wife's family love Jeeps, and she just got a Grand Cherokee with Heated and Ventilated Seats, Heated Steering Wheel, Panoramic Roof, and more, and being a person who gets hot and sweaty very easily, the ventilated helps to keep my back dry, and the Grand Cherokee rides really nice and smooth too. It's really making me consider a Grand Cherokee over a Highlander since I can customize the way I want it, styling AND features which Toyota has always and still severely lacks....which is a shame because I love the reliability of Toyota, but lack of getting the car how I want it as well as some issues my Camry has had that Toyota wouldn't take care of (while any issue arises and Jeep has taken care of my wife and her family) is pushing me away since other brands are getting better as time goes on....
Any news on Toyota having their towable Highlander to actually have a hitch on the trims with the kick sensor? Not going to tow a trailer, but would like to haul bikes!