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Toyota 4Runner Fans Torn Over Lime 2022 TRD Pro Color

All signs point to a Lime 2022 4Runner. Fans are freaking out all over the map on this one.


How does Toyota 4Runner look in a lime color, you ask? Well, we may be finding out the answer very soon.

Rumors have been flying around Toyota circles for months about the potential for a lime or yellowish TRD Pro color for 2022. Nothing confirmed of course.

It looks like this speculation may prove to be true.

2022 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro

2022 Toyota Tacoma Toyota teaser picture

Toyota released a teaser picture last week showing a bright lime-yellow Tacoma trim level (along with another unnamed grade too). The truck on the right is absolutely shown in something resembling lime or yellow, but not too much paint was exposed.

A true teaser.

It gets us talking and building the internet chatter.

This could potentially be the color for 2022 4Runner TRD Pro. Well, and Tacoma and Tundra and Sequoia too. How would Toyota 4Runner owners and fans feel about driving a lime 4Runner, though?

Time to take it to the streets, so to speak.

People comment on lime Toyota 4Runner

Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro lime profile front endThanks for Instagram creator @4runnersnacks for the mockup.

I read through the thoughts, comments and opinions of people on the internet concerning this 2022 Toyota 4Runner selection of lime. Would lime make a good choice in their minds?

For this one I looked to the page of Instagram creator @trd.jon along with my “Toyotajeff” YouTube channel.

lori_nation would be a fan. “Wow!!! I absolutely love it!!! It will definitely make it stand out from the crowd!! I'm in traffic 3 hours every day and SO many boring colors out there! But every now and then a bold chemical green jeep or charger rolls by and I really notice!! Why blend in when you can stand out!”

“I bet this will look nice in person.” Added bellah_the_great8.

ham182 commented. “Wish they would’ve went with the orange but like I’ve said before, the 5th gen is such a classic amazing design that any color will look amazing.”

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Marco put in his thoughts. “THIS is what I was hoping for! Toyota needs a bright 4Runner. I can’t wait to see it!!!”

The 4Runner pendulum swings both ways

And, of course, there were those who would not find a lime Toyota 4Runner all that appealing.

“No. Just no.” Stated a glum Terrence.

“Looks like a tennis ball.” Commented snowthundah.

blgaud81 observed. “That color is FUGLY on a 4Runner!”

But perhaps the most interesting comment I saw was this one.

“I remember people crapping on lunar rock too lol they’ve just had earth tones for a while, so this is shocking.” Said mustangman2012.

2021 Lunar Rock Toyota 4Runner

2021 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Lunar Rock front end profile view

I remember when Lunar Rock was announced as the Toyota TRD Pro color last Summer. Many people immediately loved it, although there were plenty of naysayers who believed this was a terrible choice. Too close to Cement color (which had already been a TRD Pro color before), they said.

As it turns out, Lunar Rock has proven to be extremely challenging to find for many potential buyers. A huge hit.

In fact, many people are still on a waiting list to get one, and they are nervous they will end up missing out.

Huge demand for Lunar Rock. The same popularity goes for Tacoma, Sequoia, Tundra and 4Runner TRD Pro too.

Time for your Toyota 4Runner thoughts

Thanks everyone for reading my story.

Are you looking forward to learning the unique TRD Pro color for 4Runner, and if so, what do you hope it will be?

Is lime a good choice? Maybe this is a color that you would need to see in person before you really know how it will look?

I, for one, cannot wait. Bring it on Toyota.

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See you next story.

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Avacodo (not verified)    June 1, 2021 - 8:45PM

In the 1970's the color avacodo was all the rage. Fast forward 50 years and we have lime green. Looks like Toyota marketing group forgot who really uses these things for what they are intended for... And no it is not the Ken and Barbie crowd. Ken and Barbie will being driving the 2022 lime green turds...

james such (not verified)    June 5, 2022 - 12:41PM

From here in No.Ca. to Taos New Mexico. I always was able to spot my Lime Rush 4runner in all the half dozen at least, of 4runners out in the parking lot. Kermit is growing on me!