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When to Use Multi-Terrain Select in Your 2020 Toyota Tacoma

Learn the best times to use the multi-terrain select off-roading resource while driving your Toyota Tacoma.


Imagine you are ready to explore that remote wooded path you have heard about. Or drive along the beach on a clear sunny day. Maybe you want to see how dirty you can get your truck as you go mudding along that attractive riverbank.

These are about to become some of the most memorable times you have with your Toyota Tacoma, maybe even a brand new 2020 Tacoma you just purchased. However, these can also quickly become some of the most frustrating if you cannot get the traction you want and need.

What multi-terrain select does for your Toyota Tacoma

Multi-terrain select is an off-road system found on Tacoma TRD Off-Road and Tacoma TRD Pro trucks. Taking advantage of these capabilities can help you reduce or stop wheel slippage. Your 2020 Tacoma, along with older year models, works to control engine throttle and brake pressure to provide the best traction possible based on the terrain you are encountering.

2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road multi-terrain select knob

Toyota Tacoma trucks, when equipped with multi-terrain select, work to control slippage based on five different terrain settings. Choose from mud and sand, loose rock, moguls, rock and dirt and (bigger) rock. A control knob located near your rearview mirror is easy to use and you can simply adjust the knob to the appropriate setting.

How to engage your 2020 Tacoma multi-terrain select

In order to activate multi-terrain select, you must first ensure a few conditions are met. First, you must be in low four-wheel drive. Simply put your vehicle into Neutral and turn your four-wheel drive mode control to 4L. Once engaged, you are now able to push the multi-terrain select button to the on position. Then, adjust the knob to the correct setting based on the ground you are driving on.

The mode allowing the most wheel slippage is mud and sand. Each setting upward lessens the amount of slippage, with rock having the least slippage available.

VIDEO DEMO: See how to activate your multi-terrain select in a 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road.

This multi-terrain select system can be used up to the speed of 7 miles per hour, at which point it will de-activate as you surpass that speed.

Time for your thoughts on 2020 Tacoma multi-terrain select

Have you used multi-terrain select in your Toyota Tacoma or Toyota 4Runner? How has it worked and what conditions do you mostly use it for? Does it work better for certain types of terrain versus others?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story when I lighten things up with my Top 5 List of Toyotas you need for a potential zombie apocalypse.

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