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Toyota “Grand Highlander”: Could We See This Hit the Market Soon?

Toyota recently filed a trademark for the name “Grand Highlander” in the United States. What does this mean going forward?


One of my favorite Toyota models is the Highlander. I have been a fan for well over a decade.

Toyota Highlander owners know they can rely on their vehicle to be smooth, comfortable, versatile and incredibly reliable.

To understate it, something they can keep for many years. In fact, Highlander was recently named the model that owners keep the longest by That is what I call owner trust and peace of mind.

But one aspect of Toyota Highlander that has received an “area for improvement” is with third-row passenger and cargo space.

Highlander was just redesigned for 2020, so it is still very new to the market. This newest midsize SUV entry is smooth and quiet and comfortable, along with being loaded with new technology and safety systems. Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+ was just added to all 2021 Toyota Highlander vehicles.

On a side note, my wife just purchased a 2021 Highlander Limited (in Moon Dust color) and she loves it. Call us fans. Perhaps even superfans.

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Toyota Grand Highlander

Here is a picture of Toyota’s recent trademark request for the name “Grand Highlander.”

Toyota Grand Highlander Trademark

This information by itself should not get the antennae perked up too high. Companies apply for patents and trademarks all the time for names they may someday hope to use or may never end up using.

Look at the man who has secured the naming rights to several potential Washington Football Team names – just in case. Similarly, I am still waiting to hear back on the term “Jeff is Awesome” – it has been a decade since I applied. I will keep waiting.

In my mind, I am picturing the 2021 Toyota Highlander of today, but stretched out. This would provide needed space for a full third row. Larger families would be able to take their Grand Highlander on longer road trips with comfort for all.

2020 Toyota Highlander LE Ruby Flare Pearl profile view

It would also supply owners with additional cargo capacity. Fourth generation 2020 Highlanders increased their cargo capabilities to 16.0 cubic feet from 13.9 in its previous generation. Who would not want more luggage space, though, right?

People comment on Toyota Grand Highlander

2021 Toyota Highlander XSE Magnetic Gray profile front end

I asked my “Toyotajeff” YouTube channel viewers how they would feel about a super-sized Toyota Highlander. Their feedback was quite insightful.

Randy said. “That sounds nice. I have me, my wife, two kids, two cats, and a dog at home. Would be lovely if we all could fit in one car.”

“I think that would be AMAZING. I think that the third-row passengers would like more room. Something a little like the second row. I personally like those SUVs with more third row room. I also think that Grand Highlander sounds amazing.” Added Noah.

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Granny p weighed in. “I just bought a Pilot for these reasons! And please make it more rugged! I would have bought a 4Runner in a heartbeat if it got better mpg!”

Do not fear Granny, help could be on the way soon with a 4Runner Hybrid. We are in wait and see mode here.

Analy put in two cents too. “A bigger Highlander with more 3rd row leg room and more cargo space with the 3rd row up would be great.”

Mark gave his thoughts. “I think it’s great but isn’t what you are describing a full-size SUV like the Sequoia? I know the Sequoia is a truck platform, both on frame, and you are talking about a crossover SUV.

I just think with too many options, Toyota could be diluting the value of the regular Highlander. In a sense the sales for a ‘Grand Highlander’ could be cannibalizing its own sales from the regular Highlander sales.” Strong points Mark.

“Makes sense to me. Given that the Land Cruiser is going away, and competition third row seat SUVs are booming.” Commented M.

Time for your thoughts on Toyota Grand Highlander

Should this come to fruition, could you see a place in the market for a Grand Highlander?

Would it pull in Toyota 4Runner fans, or perhaps pull from the Sequoia crowd? Without a Land Cruiser in the United States, could this be a potential solution as well for this segment?

Also, if you are a current Highlander owner, would you stay with the traditional Highlander or go with the larger Grand Highlander for your next purchase?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story when I compare the new 2021 RAV4 XLE Premium Hybrid vs RAV4 XLE Hybrid.

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beltstar (not verified)    February 26, 2021 - 12:15PM

This is interesting, as the third row space is one reason we have considered the new Sienna instead. I do also love the lower cargo floor height and the sliding doors, so it is tough decision.

Could the Highlander/Grand be the next PHEV in the lineup? This may be asking too much too soon, but perhaps it might have the newer solid state batteries.