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Top Next-Gen 2022 Toyota Tundra Questions to be Answered

I rank the biggest questions waiting for answers as 2022 Tundra prepares for official reveal date.

We are getting closer my friends.

Closer to the big 2022 Tundra reveal.

Closer to learning all the details and specifications we have been asking, speculating on, and hypothesizing about for months. Maybe even years.

We do not officially know when the next-gen Tundra reveal date is. However, Toyota has hinted very strongly in their teaser picture it could be in less than a couple weeks (the time on the smartphone read 9:19).

2022 Toyota Tundra wireless charging

Here are the biggest questions on my mind that need answers.

What is 2022 Toyota Tundra Powertrain?

Tundra hopes to build on the long-term dependability found in the current 5.7-liter V8 engine. This produces 381 horsepower and 401 lb.-ft. torque.

This V8 engine (one that I affectionately call “old reliable”) is matched with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

To grow and succeed in a market filled with quality full-size trucks, Toyota Tundra must jumpstart these metrics.

Rumors persist of a twin-turbo V6 engine. Water cooler talk also hints at a Tundra hybrid powerplant as well.

Will Toyota surprise us with a V8 alternative? Will horsepower and torque numbers impress their fiercely loyal and finicky owners and fans?

2022 Tundra MPG

2022 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro interior red seats

“You’re down with M-P-G, yeah you know me”.

Clearly the third generation 2022 Toyota Tundra must improve on its current fuel economy numbers.

2021 Tundra is rated at 13mpg in the city, 17mpg in the city, and either 14mpg or 15mpg combined (depending on 4x2 or 4x4 Tundra).

My assumption, if I go with the rumors of today, is that there will be a Toyota Tundra gasoline and a Tundra Hybrid. If so, we will obviously have very different fuel efficiency numbers for each.

When ratings are announced will we be mildly happy, pleasantly surprised, or very happily surprised?

I would be happy to see at least one of the powerplant options reach mid-20’s for gas mileage.

How about you? What are your expectations?

2022 Toyota Tundra Towing Capacity

2022 Toyota Tundra interior driving modes

Before we move forward, we should reflect on what we currently have. The maximum Tundra tow capacity for 2021 model year is 10,200 pounds.

Toyota Tundra buyers have been asking for higher towing capabilities for years.

How will 2022 Tundra respond to these cries for improvement?

New coil spring suspension was teased by Toyota recently. One of the benefits of utilizing this type of suspension is improved towing capacity. Interesting.

So, what type of 2022 Tundra tow capacity and payload numbers would make you happy?

2022 Toyota Tundra Interior

2022 Toyota Tundra interior multimedia

Every time we get in our vehicles and go for a drive, we pay attention to interior styling. Whether we know it consciously or subconsciously. Styling is important.

How our cars, trucks, and SUVs look inside is crucial to how we feel about them. It may impact whether someone chooses to buy a specific vehicle or not.

Although Toyota Tundra has been refreshed several times during its current second generation run, the foundation for interior styling has remained relatively intact.

For about 15 years now.

How will Tundra modernize and compete against its full-size rivals?

I would like to see big improvements in overall technology, safety features, and how easily I can use buttons and controls and dials while limiting distractions.

This includes the multimedia system. Toyota recently released details on its next-gen multimedia system that will launch sometime in fourth quarter of 2021 for both Toyota and Lexus brands. This has been already announced for the new Lexus NX.

Will 2022 Toyota Tundra follow suit or not for this year?

What other gadgets, new pieces of technology, and driver assistance tools will we learn about soon?

Time For Your Toyota Tundra Comments

In my opinion, the most important point is for Toyota to continue its tradition of long-term reliability and trustworthiness.

Toyota Tundra is a truck we have always been able to count on. This durability needs to continue with 2022 Tundra and moving forward. Moving forward. See what I did there?

I would love to see new exterior and interior styling that impresses people both today and many years down the road. We will be looking to buy this next generation for many, many years so styling needs to stay fresh and modern for up to a decade or more.

How about you – what specifications are you hoping to see most? What factors will play into your decision whether to consider purchasing the 2022 Toyota Tundra?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story when I discuss the last 2 teaser pics for 2022 Tundra.

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I wish Toyota would just pull the trigger and announce it already. I'm in the market for a new pickup and would love to consider the Tundra. The tease is fun for a while but it's getting tiresome. From an interior styling perspective, from the very few teasers we've seen it appears that Toyota is barely playing catch-up. Nothing says they're going to leap frog their competitors. Hopefully, I'm wrong but Toyota has always been conservative so I doubt that I am. As for everyone pointing to 9:19 as a clue, do we really think that a company would do a reveal on a Sunday?
Toyota sponsors the half time show of Sunday night football, the highest rated prime time show for many years. I would fully expect them to reveal (what they hope is) their new big and bad truck that's going to give ford, Chevy, and ram a run for their money during that time slot
I could buy them launching it during an NFL game, if we were talking the first game of the season, or a playoff game Sept. 19th isn't a special day. Given that the Tundra is targeted at the Americas (it's a grey market import elsewhere), I doubt very much that they will have the official launch outside of the USA.
No, maybe not in the US, but in Japan, that's different story. If the Japanese were to release the new Tundra information on the morning of the 20th, that would mean we'd get the information in the evening on the 19th, but I'm probably just grasping at straws at this point..
I’m in same boat - just reveal and let us make a choice. These companies play too many games
I m currently owned 07 with 5.7 242,000 M & engine expired.right now I need to know the price of the 2022 sr5 4/4 DC standard bed?.Toyota dealer owner told me he going to Las Vegas for the dealer meeting on 9/27/21 then he will tell me whatever he can about new tundra
Looks like Toyota is trying to physically make some sort of statement with their design as if to say, "I'm bigger and badder." Unfortunately, I'm not impressed. It looks like the front end of the 2022 GMC trucks. (And that's not a good thing.) The hood is so high that it makes it more dangerous for the drivers to see over the front of the truck, especially shorter drivers. I own a 2021 Tundra Limited. I'm 6'5" and feel like I need a forward camera when I pull into a parking space so I can get as close as possible to the curb or a parking ballard without hitting it, denting my bumper or scraping it. Considering most businesses are making the spaces shorter and tighter a taller front end is not providing a better safety aspect for its drivers, not to mention the negative impact it's having on fuel economy. If they would like to truly make a statement, to their loyal Toyota customers and purchasers, their engineers should design a strong engine that gets 20-25 MPG over the current Tundra, as I have, that is luckey to get 13 MPG.
Well you must be from California I can’t wait to order one
Front and Rear Locking Diffs. 13,000 towing capacity.
what I'm looking for is 14000 lb tow capacity 30 miles to the gallon gas if they make that it will blow me away and quote dominate the competition. if not and say Toyota specs come out it's mid-twenties with 13000 lb tow capacity I'm not impressed whatsoever!!!!! and will just probably buy a Nissan diesel cheaper gas and tow more with a great engine that will last longer than Toyota and will be more reliable they got to do better than what Ford is doing.
If Toyota hits it out of the park on exterior/interior styling, MPG and towing then it will be game over for the "big" three. Factually the "big" three kill themselves a little every year with poor quality (GM blowing engines before 5k miles). Ram is ram (good for contractors mainly) and Ford has so many different options that my head explodes. Short of the long the "big" three are in so much debt that it's actuallly a joke.