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Real MPG of 2021 Toyota Venza: Owners Reveal All

Does 2021 Venza real-world gas mileage match up with window sticker estimates? New owners revealed surprising answers.

40 in the city. 37 on the highway. 39 combined.

These statistics are eye-catching. Especially when researching potential purchases in the SUV and crossover segments.

The possibility for attaining anywhere close to 40 miles per gallon has probably put 2021 Toyota Venza in the running and near the top of any “my next vehicle” list.

For me, this is definitely true.

I have been driving my new 2021 Venza Limited for just a few weeks now. Funny thing – I actually evaluated a similar 2021 Venza Limited (but with the StarGaze Fixed Panoramic Roof) for a week just before I got mine. I have already fallen in love.

2021 Toyota Venza Review

2021 Toyota Venza Limited Ruby Flare Pearl profile view front end

I will be giving accounts from new owners and their fuel efficiency shortly. But first my impressions of Toyota Venza.

This car is quite comfortable. The first thing you may enjoy is the seats. These are probably the most comfortable and cozy seats I have ever encountered. Good neck, back and lumbar support. Plus, I have made good use of my heated and cooled front seats already.

2021 Toyota Venza Limited interior front seats ash color

Heated steering wheel is “handier” than I expected. Never thought I would use this feature, but it is nice.

I have read reviews from other sources about some road or wind or tire noise. I just do not feel this is a problem. Call me crazy.

For me, the car is relatively quiet, and I just do not notice these as much.

Other new owner accounts describe Venza Hybrid (and its really cool features) just as I do. The best vehicle they have ever owned. I thought I would miss my 2018 Camry more, but Venza has already replaced it in my heart.

2021 Venza MPG

2021 Toyota Venza Limited Coastal Gray profile view front end

The best way to find out how a vehicle drives in the real world is by asking the people who drive them.

This is one reason I always look at movie audience reviews versus movie critics. Movie critics seem to look for flaws in a movie and point out every single one. People like me write about the entertainment value. That is what I want.

Same thing goes for 2021 Toyota Venza.

Time to see how new owners are doing at the pump.

Robert commented. “I love the looks, the ride and the mileage (38.7 mpg in mixed city/highway).”

“So far, I’ve been impressed with an avg. of 38 MPG and that’s driving with a lead foot.” Said George.

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Breanne is happy with her new purchase. “I got the XLE a month ago. I love it. I average 37 mpg.”

Al is seeing a wide range of results. “30mpg was the lowest before refilling and 50.5mpg is highest on gas refill. But do not top off. 44 was highest for miles per gallon driving in San Francisco city streets.”

Melanie is seeing less than others. “I am only getting low to mid 30s for mpg so far. Live in Colorado so it’s colder and I do have a lead foot lol.”

Another owner, Michael, commented that he achieved 51.5mpg on a recent trip with an ECO score of 81 out of 100.

Read more: How ECO score can help you get better mpg

2021 Toyota Venza Limited Ruby Flare Pearl profile view

“I have mine on ECO mode and am getting around 41 mpg.” Commented Angel.

Interesting feedback. Very interesting.

Time for your thoughts on 2021 Venza

The trick with gas mileage results is that so much about the final figure you see depends on a great many factors.

Weather conditions, temperature, tire pressure, weight you have inside your car, how fast you accelerate, your highway cruising speed, and how much you coast can all affect that all-important mpg number.

I admit I have more of a lead foot than others. I need to use some of my own advice and look at the factors I just wrote about. I am getting in the low 30’s for mpg. Up to 36mpg if I really try.

But I know I can do better. I have all these personal accounts that give me hope for gain.

Do you own a 2021 Venza, and if so, what is your experience with fuel? Do you have any tips that you have used to get optimal gas mileage?

I will use your suggestions for future stories, so I appreciate your feedback.

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story when I tell you the most difficult Toyota to get these days.

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I have owned a 2021 Toyota Venza for a few months and my vehicle has never taken more than 11 gallons and that was from 9 miles left on the speedometer so the maximum range on my infotainment have never been more then 473, I am also a member of the 2021 venza group and none of the members have ever gotten a range greater then 478, I do get 37.5 MPG
Same issue here. Got a venza in October and I've driven it til the gas light comes on and the most I can fill is 11.5 gallons. Usually it's closer 10 when I still have about 70 miles to empty. Kind feels like the issue the 2020 RAV4 were having. But haven't heard many ppl complain about it yet. Also in the last two months now that it's much cooler can't get better than 36 mpg.
My issue is mpg. Only getting 33-35 max. With all around driving and varying temps. Had a Camry(non-hybrid) loaner from the dealer and was getting 50 mpg on the hiway. Had another Avalon loaner(4 cyl, awd) and got 33mpg hiway at very hi speeds. I put the cruise on 62mph and got 46mpg. The best I got in the Venza is 40mpg on the same route and cruise on 62mph. Disappointing! Also needs more cubbies or storage space!
I have owned my Venza LE for about 2 month now. I mostly drive to and from work. About 8 miles/day. I am getting an average of 29.5 mpg I have it on Eco mode and try to drive mostly on EV (speed limits are around 20 at my school). Why am I getting such a low mpg? Should I talk to Toyota?
Venza limited, swapped out tires for winter rated ones at purchase. Highest mpg was 49.8 on 40 mile mainly rural route, lowest was 30 when very cold, snowy. Averaged about 38.5 in autumn and about 32.5 in cold winter. Tires reduce the mpg but really great in snow. Commonly coax additional 2 gallons + after pump initially clicks off. Irritating issue, Toyota needs to fix this problem. Other than that, my wife loves this car (she previously had a Lexus Rx400h hybrid which this mostly greatly exceeds). Stereo is great, as are heated/ventilated seats and fast heating steering wheel.