2021 Toyota Venza Limited Ruby Flare Pearl profile view front end
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How Comfortable is 2021 Toyota Venza? New Owners Speak Out

We asked new owners of 2021 Venza about comfort in their new rides. Their answers were eye-opening.

When a new vehicle is first launched, potential buyers do research based on several resources. They can look at third-party evaluations, manufacturer websites and YouTube videos found on channels like my “Toyotajeff” channel.

They can also read owner reviews. By the way, I will include myself in this section. I recently evaluated a Venza Limited for a week – with StarGaze Panoramic Roof.

2021 Toyota Venza Limited Coastal Gray profile view front end

And guess what – I just bought a 2021 Venza Limited myself, too. In Coastal Gray. I will give my impressions after everyone else. They deserve the spotlight here.

People comment on 2021 Toyota Venza

Some of the best vehicle owner and fan forums can be found on Facebook.

I invited members of two popular groups, “Toyota Venza Owners Group” and “2021+ Toyota Venza Hybrid Club – USA/Canada,” to give their thoughts and impressions.

Specifically, I asked for feedback on just how comfortable 2021 Venza is or is not. Most of the comments were positive. You be the judge.

2021 Toyota Venza Limited interior front seats ash color

Tim weighed in. “The seats on my XLE are very comfortable. The ride is extremely comfortable and feels solid on the ground without being too stiff. Very pleased with just about everything…”

Terrin commented. “I bought my Venza (Limited) in Blueprint back in October. It came with stargaze, tech package as well as a safe. I absolutely love the stargaze. Anyone who rides in my car I show, and it’s an absolute fun conversation starter, and it looks awesome.

2021 Toyota Venza Limited interior StarGaze Panoramic Roof

RELATED VIDEO: My full review of 2021 Toyota Venza Limited. I hope it helps with your research.

The seats are so comfy, definitely more comfortable than most anything I’ve ever ridden in. I love the safe. We can go to the gym and just throw our wallet in there and not worry that it could be snatched. Gives me peace of mind, if you will. The drive, the way it handles, the quietness of it while driving is so nice. Every single feature and detail is so luxurious without the high price tag.”

Cindy purchased her new 2021 Venza XLE in Blizzard Pearl in October. “Seats are SO comfy! Getting ready to take her on her first road trip next month! Can’t wait to see the MPG’s!”

Alan had this to say about his 2021 Venza. “I bought the Limited plus the StarGaze. It took me awhile to get up to speed with all the new tech. Plus I love the JBL Premium sound. The 12.3” display is very nice. Plus, the interior is first class!

Haakon added. “Seats are very comfortable, and my only complaint is that on high heat they really aren’t that hot. I wish it had more cubbies, like for sunglasses and change like my Avalon did but all the other features far outweigh those deficiencies.”

I came over from Honda (owned Honda for the past 20 years). Everything about this Venza is a joy to drive!”

2021 Toyota Venza Limited interior multimedia

I did not even know about this feature Breanne found on her 2021 XLE in Blueprint. “Very comfortable and fun to drive. I love when it welcomes me when I cross a state border, ‘Welcome to Wyoming.’”

My impressions of 2021 Toyota Venza

During my evaluation of 2021 Toyota Venza Limited, I have fallen in love with it.

2021 Toyota Venza Limited Ruby Flare Pearl profile view front end

I really cannot believe how soft, supportive and comfortable the seats are. Plus, the heated and cooled seats combo is a nice feature I will use all year long.

Toyota Venza is smooth and quiet even at highway speeds. Toyota said they soundproofed it well and I believe them now. Car handles well around curves and on straight roads.

I am averaging low 30s for MPG, but I know I can do better by driving slower and not accelerating so quickly. I am what you would call a lead foot driver. I want to achieve or surpass the estimated 40 city / 37 highway ratings. I will keep you all posted.

Even though the cargo space is not as large as 1st generation Venza, it has adequate space for my needs. I found I can lie flat (at an angle) in it, which was a surprise.

2021 Toyota Venza Limited interior cargo space cargo capacity

I recommend you upgrade to the JBL sound system. It comes with a 1200-watt amplifier and is billed as the most powerful Toyota sound system to-date.

In short, I feel it is worth a drive to your local Toyota dealership so you can test one for yourself. Drive it both in the city and on the highway. Let me know what you think.

Time for your thoughts on 2021 Venza

What are your impressions of 2021 Toyota Venza so far? Do you own one, and if so, feel free to write your experiences with mpg and driving comfort and other factors.

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Have you been researching Venza? Tell us what you think.

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story when I show video and pictures of what 2021 RAV4 Hybrid looks like at night.

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Hello, I am not in the market for a Venzs at this time. I enjoy reading Jeff's articles. The writing style keeps this reader engaged as well as entertained. Brings me back to my college Elements of Exposition papers. I would like to think that the driving experience of the Venza would be a great way to de stress after a long day at work or the stress of meeting a deadline for an important work project or better yet having had to read one of my 4th grade book reports. :/ Hats off to all the great teachers.
I wanted to purchase a hybrid so I researched test drove the Honda that everyone was saying was the best on the market. I wanted to test the Rav4 to compare so went Toyota dealer and they had a couple of the Venza (Haier) on the lot so I asked to drive it. The rest is history for me. I purchased a Venza Limited with all the bells a whistle. I new as soon as got in it I was going to purchase the interior was very impressive luxurious and comfortable. JBL speakers, 12" infotainment system, heads up speedometer, interior lighting and star gaze. Then I test drove it and was sold quiet with all the power I need. I
"I can lie flat (at an angle) in it." followed by a picture of you *not* lying flat in it. Going by your logic, I can lie flat (rotated, at multiple angles) inside my own shoes. You literally bent the truth. This is a work of fiction.
Hi Robert, I think Jeff's reviews of the new Venza should be based on Jeff's physical height. He does state in his reviews he is 5'8" tall. Im not sure of your physical height. I dont recommend sleeping in a car . I have had to sleep in a 1995 Honda Civic with the back seat folded down and my legs extended into the trunck. Thankfully I have not had to do that in many years. Jeff does explain his reviews and videos are ment to have a touch of comedy to them. Take care..
Looks like Toyota finds their Buick! For ride comfort, amenities, and torque vectoring AWD, the Buick Envision is probably the best in the segment. Just need a PHEV version for best fuel economy.
I have the 2009 Toyota Venza and I honestly love it so much I don’t know if I like the new version of it but I will have to actually see it!!
We just bought our 2021 Toyota in December and I pretty much love everything about it. It doesn't have extra bells and whistles but I don't need them. I've never had a brand new car and this is my dream. Quiet and comfortable. I'm getting 38-40 mpg. 2 complaints I do have...not much cargo room and passenger side doesn't have controls to lower the seat. I hit my head when I ride in the passenger side. Still, so very happy with new Venza.