2021 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Lunar Rock front end
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The Most Difficult Toyota to Find: 2021 4Runner TRD Pro in Lunar Rock

You will not believe the experiences people are having hunting down a specific 2021 Toyota 4Runner. And Toyota Tacoma. And Toyota Tundra. Wow.

There are so many great reasons to purchase a Toyota 4Runner.

4Runner is one of the toughest vehicles on the planet. It is ideal for both on-road and off-road travel.

And this SUV, this Toyota 4Runner, has built a decades-long reputation for long-term quality, reliability and dependability. Plus, it has one of the highest resale values in the country, according to kbb.com.

If you are searching for a 2021 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro, especially in Lunar Rock, you may be experiencing quite the headache in your pursuit.

You see, Lunar Rock is the unique color chosen for all 2021 Toyota TRD Pro models. Yes, this includes 4Runner and Tacoma and Tundra and Sequoia.

Right now, there is incredible buzz and demand from consumers to find one. Now combine that with traditionally low production quantities of TRD Pro.

Uh oh.

Lunar Rock buyers may find themselves in the middle of a very long wait time – or even shut out.

People comment on 2021 Toyota 4Runner

2021 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Lunar Rock profile view

I enjoy reading emails and comments from people who watch my “Toyotajeff” YouTube review videos and read my Torque News / Torque News stories.

Over the past month or two, I have received so many messages from potential buyers who are looking for the perfect 2021 4Runner and 2021 Tundra and 2021 Tacoma.

Specifically, the TRD Pro. In Lunar Rock.

Time to see their feedback on the search for The Holy Grail of 4Runner. And Tacoma. And Tundra.

“Jeff, I just watched your YouTube review of 2021 4Runner TRD Pro in Lunar Rock color. My daughter wants that exact vehicle. Know where we can get one? My local Toyota dealer in Alabama acts as if it would be impossible for them to get her one.” Said Frank.

2021 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Lunar Rock back end rear end

Conrado added. “For the past few weeks, I am in search of my dream car, the 2021 4Runner TRD Pro, Lunar Rock, here in the bay area California. However, there is very limited supply. All the dealerships that I have inquired to do not have anything available in their lots and if there is, they are charging ludicrously large amount of $$ on top of the MSRP. Which, unfortunately for me, I am unable to afford/compete.”

Ron is in Seattle and has these observations. “One dealer still is in the 4-6 months range (for 4Runner Lunar Rock). One dealership has one in stock, but they want to charge an $8k adjustment since it is a ‘special car and color.’ Is that typical and will I find it everywhere for a few months?”

And do not think it is just the 4Runner. Lunar Rock is challenging to get in other models too. Try getting a 2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro. Or a 2021 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro.

2021 Tacoma TRD Pro

2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Lunar Rock profile view front end

We should be in the final half of the production year for vehicles like 2021 Tacoma and 2021 Tundra as well. Not going to be easy to find a Lunar Rock.

Joseph in Washington supported my observations. “Hi Jeff love that 2021 Tacoma TRD Pro in Lunar Rock in your video. My Toyota dealer said they cannot even order a vehicle EXACTLY like the one you previewed. Or said it will be a LOOOONG wait. Is that true?

VIDEO: TRD Pro Battle Time: we debate on 2021 Tacoma TRD Pro vs 2021 Tundra TRD Pro. Who wins?

I saw one going for 8k over MSRP new from another dealer. Seriously? Pease let me know.”

TRL asked. “I was wondering what the wait time is on a 2021 TRD Pro Tacoma in Lunar Rock. I have a deposit with a local dealer (South Florida) and was originally told three months. The wait is now six months. Happily waiting your response.”

As I told TRL, I wish I had a happy response. The wait times are long, and it is difficult to say when Toyota will cut off production orders for a 2021 Toyota Tacoma in Lunar Rock.

Same goes for Toyota Tundra.

2021 Toyota Tundra

2021 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro CrewMax Lunar Rock profile view front end

Timothy is having troubles in his home state. “Hi Jeff, I am a subscriber to your YouTube channel. I live in Washington state and it’s almost impossible to find a TRD Pro anywhere. The dealers here are so busy with small cars, I feel I should look out of state. I have even tried to get a price from a dealer in Colorado and they will not deal with me as I am not in their state.”

“Need some guidance here. Looking for 2021 Tundra Lunar Rock TRD Pro. Will take either double cab or crewmax. Talked with every dealer locally and they cannot promise being able to get one.” Said Tony in NY.

Time for your thoughts on Toyota 4Runner

If you are currently thinking about pulling the trigger on a 4Runner TRD Pro in Lunar Rock, my suggestion is that you act sooner than later. Time to contact your dealer or dealers.

We should be in the tail “half-end” of 2021 4Runner production, and with long wait lists around the country, it is probably wise that you get your deposits in at your local dealerships as soon as you are comfortable moving forward.

And believe me, if you want one, I hope you get one. They are amazing machines.

I would enjoy hearing about your experiences with 2021 Toyota 4Runner Lunar Rock, as well as 2021 Toyota Tacoma and 2021 Toyota Tundra. How about Toyota Sequoia?

Have you purchased yours yet? Or are you on the waiting list for 4Runner or another model? How is the process going so far?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story when I reveal all 4 colors for 2021 RAV4 XSE Hybrid.

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I have been looking for a lunar rock TRD Pro 4Runner. So difficult to find and the markup, especially in the Denver area, is insane!!
So I live in Reno, NV, they told me I was "next in line" for a Lunar Rock 4runner, but strangely enough, they have not even taken my deposit yet...so I do not know what to think. When do you think they will announce the new Pro color for 2022?
I got really lucky and got my tundra lunar rock in October in Texas. I love it!!