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New 2022 Toyota Camry Look Getting Icy Reception

Camry getting many upgrades for 2022. Including its appearance.


Several Toyota Camry grades are getting a fresh coat of paint, so to speak.

The 2022 Camry model year is bringing with it some updates and changes, including a color not seen before in many Camry daily drivers.

2022 Toyota Camry Ice Edge

2022 Toyota Camry SE Ice Edge color profile back end rear end

Ice Edge paint color will now be offered on 2022 Camry LE, SE and XSE. Last year, this Ice Edge shade was exclusive to Camry TRD.

Now, 2022 Camry TRD has Cavalry Blue available. Exclusive to only TRD grade.

I guess you could describe Ice Edge as a mixture of white with cement with silver. Maybe?

2022 Toyota Camry SE Ice Edge color profile front end Super White2022 Camry SE Ice Edge vs Super White

This is a tough and bold color choice, and it should be popular due to its uniqueness.

I hope Camry fans in the market for a new car like this new appearance look.

Other 2022 Camry Changes

Digital dual temperature controls are now standard for LE and SE this 2022 Toyota Camry model year. I think of this as a small but important improvement. Now on road trips, both driver and passenger can be comfortable and still at the temperature each person wants.

Double score.

Also, look for a brand-new trim level for Toyota Camry.

SE Nightshade Hybrid is a choice you can make when aiming to combine sportiness with excellent fuel economy.
Camry Hybrid Nightshade is posted at 44mpg in the city, 47mpg on the highway, and 45.5mpg combined.

It is listed with a factory MSRP (before delivery) of $29,615.

When will Toyota Camry be redesigned?

We are currently working with the eighth generation Toyota Camry, which was launched as a 2018 model. Camry recently received a minor styling, multimedia and safety upgrade for 2021 model year.

It is challenging to predict when we will see the ninth-gen Camry. Some logic would say the best-selling midsize sedan in America (for nearly two straight decades, by the way) should be redesigned for 2023 model year. That would make a five-year cycle.

I suppose time will tell soon enough.

Time for your Toyota Camry comments

Thanks for reading everyone.

How do you feel about the 2022 Toyota Camry changes?

Although this is not a year for a redesign or even a styling refresh, Camry does have some features and improvements to keep it competitive. The midsize sedan market is smaller than it used to be, but it is more important than ever to continue showing superiority.

Do you own a Toyota Camry, and if so, what year is it and how many miles do you have currently? Do you have any fond memories of your Camry along the way?

My second brand new car ever was back in 1996 and I bought a Camry LE, emerald green with beige interior. And it was a manual. I loved it.

I would also love to hear your Camry or other Toyota stories.

See you next story.

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Wendy (not verified)    August 28, 2021 - 3:20AM

I have a 2020 xse awd. It’s windchill white with the red interior. It’s not the greatest on gas due to being awd, the only thing I dislike about the car is passing 13 more identical to it on my 37 mile drive to work each day. Other than that, it’s a beautiful car that is holding up nicely (even if I have trouble figuring out which one is mine in a parking lot lol)

Bette (not verified)    August 28, 2021 - 3:40AM

We have a 2002 Camry LE with almost 300,000 miles and a 2009 Camry LE with around 160,000 miles. We love our Camry's. Our son has a 2017 Camry SE with 60,000 miles, our daughter has a 2018 Camry LE with 7,100 miles, and our son-in-law has a 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback with around 80,000 miles. We are a Toyota family.

Joe Neupauer (not verified)    August 28, 2021 - 6:52AM

I have a 2019 Camry LE with 80,000 miles. First toyota I've ever owned. Great car. Love the 2.5 liter engine. Great gas mileage.

cutlass81 (not verified)    August 28, 2021 - 8:26AM

Cavalry Blue is great until you realize you are stuck with a red and black interior as your only option.

Max (not verified)    August 28, 2021 - 9:20AM

Went to my local Toyota dealer and they showed me the new options available for the 2022 Hybrid. Surprisingly, no memory seats for the top-version of the car. Honda Accord has had this option for a minimum of a decade on its Touring model.

Rle (not verified)    August 28, 2021 - 11:44AM

I hope Toyota doesn’t follow Honda in making all their engines small with dual turbos and GDI and CVTlike the Accord. I will take a naturally aspirated any day. Don’t think they will last running such a small engine under extreme pressure. Time will show.

John (not verified)    October 19, 2021 - 9:33AM

In reply to by Rle (not verified)

Exactly why I’m leaning towards Camry for my next car, despite the larger back seat and luggage capacity of the Accord. Plus, Honda is sticking with direct injection which leads to carbon buildup on the valves. Camry uses both direct and port injection. I keep my cars a minimum of 10 years and will trust normally aspirated over a tiny turbo engine unless I planned to trade or sell after a few years. Drive safe.

Scott Meltzer (not verified)    August 28, 2021 - 2:21PM

I’m the proud owner of a 1996 Camry LE, beige metallic, with only 80,000 miles on it. The low mileage is because I bought it new, gave it to my dad in 2001 with 40,000 miles, and got it back after he passed away in March of this year. In all those years he impeccably maintained it (he was a Mechanical Engineer) and only put in an additional 40,000 miles on it.
This week I’m doing some minor body work, small dents and scratches, and adding a spoiler.
I’ve driven many Toyota/Lexus cars over the years. Before getting back the Camry I was driving a 2019 Corolla. I have to say the difference is very noticeable. As popular as the Corolla is worldwide, this 25 year old Camry is FAR superior, very comparable to my 2013 Lexus ES. It drives beautifully, negligible road noise, plenty of power, and excellent sound system. The only thing I’m upgrading is the radio to a full screen Apple CarPlay radio to mirror my iPhone to. I also had leather seats installed by Toyota when I bought it, and it still feels great!
I had planned on a new Lexus sedan next year, but now I’m not. This car is great. I still may get a new Lexus RX for the MI winters, but my all around car is my ‘96 Camry!

Al (not verified)    August 28, 2021 - 4:46PM

I have owned new Camry cars every year for many years and have found the tires are always losing air and the outside noise is horrible. No more Camry cars.

Carrie Wiltshire (not verified)    August 28, 2021 - 7:15PM

I have a 2018 LE, 29.5K miles. I got it in August 2017: one of the first in eastern USA, so early the Kentucky plant hadn't ramped up. To make up the numbers, Toyota built some left-hand drive Camrys from Japan and I managed to snag one. I love it and I will never give up this car.

Lewis N Chapell (not verified)    August 28, 2021 - 9:16PM

I own a 2013 Camry XLE. Bought used ~10k, I think. She has 105k. Synthetic oil is the way to go, from day 1! Strong, no decay in torque. I think it was the year after the "stuck accelerator" incident, if my memory serves me correctly. I am very pleased an my girl reaching 200k!!
Al I FEEL you with the constant need for air, predominant for me in winter when the temp drops in the NE. I used SLIME on the front and haven't had an issue since.

Jason (not verified)    August 29, 2021 - 12:34AM

I have a 2020 SE Super White, 20700 km. Traded up from a 2014 RAV4 and you can feel how the new standardized chassis benefits Toyota in general. Exciting to see what we have coming over the next decade, although the thought of a Toyota without traditional aspiration will take some getting used to.

Scott (not verified)    August 29, 2021 - 10:08AM

I guess me and my wife are the new folks to the Camry crowd, we just picked up our new 2021 galactic aqua mica W/ macadamia (beige) interior on the 23rd of August. Moss doesn't grow on our tires as we just rolled over 600 miles in the first week (drove off the lot with 3 miles on it). The last car we had for 10 years and we are looking forward to a long relationship with our new Camry. By the way we loved your video of the 2021 and 2020 LEs. Ours is a near spitting image of the 2021.

Karl (not verified)    August 29, 2021 - 11:23AM

Toyota will never sell me a camery until I can get into it without hitting my head. Last toyota I can get into is the matrix. F%%cing toyota.

Andrew Canry (not verified)    February 24, 2023 - 5:51PM

The article didn’t explain why this color is getting an icy reception. Who exactly doesn’t like it? I’m

CatieD (not verified)    March 11, 2023 - 8:10AM

I love my 2015 Camry XLE Hybrid. I've racked up 99K miles and it runs like a champ. I love that it has real Leather seats and I added many extras, like upgraded stereo system, moonroof, and the Navigation/Tech packages. I am ready for a new car and want to take advantage of some of the newer advanced Tech features offered and larger displays, but was hoping Camry was going to implement a redesign. While I like the exterior looks, even though it appears they had scaled down dimensions in 2018, I really, really, hate the interior styling and color offerings, with only black and gray available. I like the styling of the new Prius, but refuse to purchase a vehicle with plastic seats as the upgrade option! I work hard and I want Leather! I thought Toyota would redesign Camry for 2023, but sadly they haven't. If they don't do so by 2024, I think I'll be forced to jump ship and explore other top rated brands - all of which offer leather interiors in cream color for their upgraded trim lines. ...and please Toyota, conduct a focus group before releasing an interior design this time, because I can't emphasize enough how big a fail the current interior is!