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Exclusive: Toyota To Offer Standard SiriusXM on All 2020 Models Including Tacoma by May 2020

In an effort to offer more advanced multimedia applications to its customers, Toyota will phase in standard SiriusXM for all grades in all models, including the 2020 Tacoma and Camry, beginning this fall. See what models will be the first to get standard satellite radio.


Toyota is taking a big step in showing its customers that it is committed to enhancing their in-vehicle listening enjoyment. Beginning this August, SiriusXM will be gradually phased in as a standard feature on all grade levels for every Toyota model.

This is exciting news, as many of us drivers all over the country are hooked on this eclectic and diverse world of music and talk radio that features hundreds of channels including 80’s, 90’s, Country, News Radio, Howard Stern (Hit ‘em With the Hein!) and my personal favorite Yacht Rock Radio (I can still hear their tagline in my mind: “With music smooth as Michael McDonald’s beard... Yacht Rock Radio).

Why is in-vehicle SiriusXM so important?

We all spend so many hours of windshield time driving in our vehicles each and every day. In-vehicle audio is essential to our overall enjoyment, to relieve stress and anxiety, and frankly just to help pass the time while we get from A to B.

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In a recent study, it was learned that of all in-vehicle listening time, 46% of the content was while enjoying SiriusXM stations. This is no surprise, considering SiriusXM has over 32 million subscribers and this number is continuously growing.

What Toyota Tacoma models will be first?

Beginning this August/September time frame, Toyota will begin phasing in this new SiriusXM addition. Drumroll please…

The 2020 Toyota Tacoma will be a big one people have been waiting for, as it will be undergoing a vehicle refresh with many exciting updates, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (and now satellite radio on all levels, including the base SR trim level). Look for the 2020 Tacoma beginning September.

Other SUV’s and trucks receiving SiriusXM during this time frame are 2020 Tundra, Sequoia and 4Runner. The 2020 Toyota 4Runner is intriguing, as it will be getting an upgraded infotainment system that includes Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and satellite radio, as well as standard Toyota Safety Sense-P for the first time ever.

Also, look for 2020 Toyota Camry and Corolla Hatchback to get their across-the-board standard SiriusXM in September. The 2020 Camry is important because SiriusXM is not currently standard on the 2019 Camry L, LE, SE, LE Hybrid and SE Hybrid trim levels. They must be upgraded as an option to get satellite radio.

In October expect SiriusXM to be standard on the entire 2020 RAV4 lineup, including the elusive and wildly popular RAV4 Hybrids (you will not even believe how challenging it is to find a 2019 RAV4 Hybrid these days). Also, the 2020 C-HR will get its upgrade as well.

With a new redesign coming around December, the 2020 Toyota Highlander will be the next to receive standard SiriusXM across all levels. This is just one of the many things to be excited about with the new 2020 Highlander changes coming.

The remainder of Toyota’s extensive lineup will feature SiriusXM across all grade levels by May of 2020.
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