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Innovative New Feature Makes Life Easier for 2021 Toyota Tacoma and 4Runner Owners

Learn about the convenient new option for many Toyota models, including 2021 4Runner and Tacoma, that makes getting into your vehicle so much easier.

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Toyota USA is divided up into several different sales regions, and each region comes with its own assembly port.

While each vehicle is primarily built at factories all over the country and the world, final features and options are installed at these regional assembly ports. Vehicles are then shipped by transport truck to individual dealers.

One new option for 2021 models like Toyota Tacoma and 4Runner provides a vehicle entry solution that just might make life a little bit easier for us all.

4Runner Touch Keypad Entry System

Southeast Toyota is one of the largest sales regions in the country. It is also widely known as a region that provides many innovative options for its cars, trucks and SUVs.

One of these options is the touch keypad entry system.

2021 Toyota Tacoma touch keypad entry system

The touch keypad is located inside the lower half of the driver side windshield. This system allows people to lock and unlock their Toyota 4Runner and Tacoma, along with other popular models, by pressing their pre-set 5-digit code.

I think this would be handy for times when you are at the beach or mountains, and you do not have your keys with you, but still need to get into your truck.

Or if you send a family member to the car to get something, but they forgot to grab the keys. Easy to unlock and lock.

You can even open all four doors at the same time by holding down the final digit if your code for a couple seconds.
Easy access to your Toyota Tacoma and Toyota 4Runner.

Toyota Tacoma touch keypad video

As much as this touch keypad entry system is easy to describe, I thought it would be even easier to demonstrate with a video.

I made this demo on a 2021 Toyota Tacoma for my “Toyotajeff” YouTube channel. I hope you find it helpful.

4Runner touch keypad price

Toyota touch keypad entry system manual

Touch keypad entry system is available as a regional port-installed option. Its cost is listed as $349.

While it is offered in Southeast Toyota region, I am not aware if this is available in other Toyota regions across the United States.

Time for your Toyota Tacoma comments

We have seen a similar system on Ford vehicles, which is typically located along the driver side front door. So, this is certainly not new by any means.

But it is simple and convenient and provides a solution to an annoying problem for drivers and passengers.

I found Toyota touch keypad entry system easy to program. Simple to unlock driver side door only, as well as all doors simultaneously. Effortless to lock back up.

This system is not only available for Toyota 4Runner and Toyota Tacoma but also other popular Toyota models like RAV4, Camry, Highlander and Avalon.

What situations can you see the touch keypad being useful for you and your family?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story when I discuss how this new 2022 Tundra suspension will impact ride quality and performance.

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4Runner Funner (not verified)    April 12, 2021 - 7:45AM

We have this feature on our 4Runner and we LOVE it! We use it all the time for exactly what you said, at the beach, when we go kayaking, or when someone else needs to run back to the car, its just easier than taking the keys.