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5 Reasons Why the Toyota Tacoma is So Popular These Days

Toyota Tacoma trucks are extremely popular all across the globe. Sales have been at record levels throughout the past several years. But why? We give our thoughts below.

The best-selling midsize truck in America is the Toyota Tacoma. In fact, it outsells its competition by a wide margin. Recently sales for Tacoma trucks increased for 19 consecutive months. This is an incredible statistic.

As I like to do, I sat down with my pen and my paper and thought about all the reasons that might account for this skyrocketing Tacoma popularity with truck shoppers, owners and enthusiasts. Check out my thoughts and write some of your own reasons you think might attribute to Tacoma’s huge success.

The Toyota Tacoma is Dependable

We are currently in the 2019 Tacoma model year, but the Tacoma has been building a reputation for reliability, dependability and high-quality for decades.

I have seen many accounts from my readers and my YouTube channel viewers of their own personal Tacoma trucks having several hundreds of thousands of miles and they are still going strong. My favorite story is my friend Mike Neal who owns a 2008 Toyota Tacoma that just reached 1.3 million miles. Incredible longevity.

Tacoma Trucks are tough

We have all seen the commercials of Tacoma trucks being thrown off mountain cliffs and having heavy objects dropped on them and rolling on their sides over and over and over. And still able to drive off after that. The saying “you just cannot kill a Tacoma” was created for good reason.

Recently, a tornado literally destroyed Riley Toyota and nearly all its Toyota inventory. A 2019 Tacoma TRD Sport was swept off the ground and rested right on its vertical end. Not the typical way a Tacoma should sit on a dealership’s lot. However, it was still able to start right up as it drove up on the lift truck all on its own. Tacoma 1 – Tornado 0.

A Toyota Tacoma can tow and haul what you need

Most Tacomas are available with a 2.7-liter 4-cylinder engine or a 3.5-liter V6 engine. The 4-cylinder engine has a tow capacity of 3,500 pounds, while the V6 can haul up to 6,800 pounds.

A Tacoma is ideal for towing your trailers and boats, for snow plowing and for hauling equipment in your truck bed. In short, it will do what you need it to do.

Compare 2019 Tacoma SR5 vs. TRD Sport in my video review and click to subscribe to Torque News Youtube channel for daily automotive news analysis.

Incredible resale value with Tacoma

We do not normally purchase a new truck with the thought that we can sell it for a high price at the end. But this is one of the tremendous factors that continue to make Tacoma such a smart business decision.

The 2019 Tacoma topped’s list of 2019 Highest Resale Value vehicles this year across all makes and models. It landed right at the very top of the list. Nothing else beat Tacoma in resale value. I repeat this just to let it sink in.

Resale value can be attributed to many factors, including how popular they are with owners and buyers, how few maintenance issues they have, and how well they hold up over time. Tacoma checks all these boxes and probably a few more.

2019 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Interior

On a side note, both the 2019 Tundra and the 2019 4Runner made the Top 5 for resale value as well. This makes up quite the formidable lineup of tough Toyota trucks and SUVs that hold their value over time. Kudos Toyota.

The Toyota Tacoma is great for customization

Aftermarket customization is big business. When people buy their new Tacomas, this is often just the beginning as opposed to the finished product. Tacoma trucks are fun to add accessories that protect them, that improve performance, and of course that make them look as cool and with as much street cred as possible.

I belong to two large online Tacoma forums, Tacoma World and Toyota Tacoma Enthusiast. I get so much enjoyment from seeing pictures and videos of Tacoma owners who have customized their trucks of all years and generations and are proud to show them off. I encourage all Tacoma owners and enthusiasts who want to be a positive part of these groups to consider joining.

Time for your thoughts on Tacoma

Do you own a Toyota Tacoma or have you thought about buying one recently? What do you like most about your truck and why do you think the Tacoma is so popular? The 2020 Tacoma is about to be released. Do you like the updates that have been announced on the 2020 Tacoma and will you consider buying one?

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Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story where I am discussing if the 2020 Toyota RAV4 will include Android Auto.

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Digitaldoc (not verified)    August 13, 2019 - 1:09PM

The only thing I would be interested in is if Toyota could get the 3.5L V-6 to work smoother with the 6 spd transmission. Too many reports have them indicating that the transmission is not smooth, frequently gear hunting, and too slow on the downshift. Better yet, they should upgrade it to an 8 spd auto. The engine needs to be revved too much, and needs to be retuned to deliver better torque at the lower RPM's.

If the powertrain of the truck is lacking, the rest of these upgrades make little difference to me.

Jason (not verified)    August 13, 2019 - 8:45PM

In reply to by Digitaldoc (not verified)

Absolutely correct. I really hate the transmission in my 2019. I drive pretty conservatively, but when I need to get just a little more acceleration, the stupid thing hesitates and hunts gears, forcing me to press a little harder on the accelerator and nearly spinning the wheels when the damned thing finally decides to go. Also, interstate speed driving is an exercise in frustration because of the frequent two-gear downshifts and then the late upshifts...all while the cruise control is operating. Supposedly the 2020 has solved these problems, but I’m going to test one before trading in my 2019. If it acts the same, I’m going to trade it off on another brand since I’m so frustrated with my 2019. Another major reason it the absolute garbage that is Toyota Entune and no Apple CarPlay...also fixed in the 2020 model.

David A Frey (not verified)    May 31, 2020 - 6:59PM

If your looking for a truck with an automatic transmission that works flawlessly like the old school trucks you need to buy something that was built before they even started using a 5 speed. I've owned a lot of trucks and no matter what you buy your going to be whining at this point. They did what they were forced to do to improve gas mileage. You simply get used to dropping it out of overdrive with the flick of a wrist on inclines and declines when you feel the need. There's no magic wand to relieve the problem.Buy a manual trans and you'll be doing the exact same thing.Don't blame the manufacturer for govt regulations. Your going to have to deal with the transmission searching no matter what you buy. Its a small issue. Figure it out and enjoy your new truck.

Seth Scarborough (not verified)    December 3, 2020 - 10:14AM

Recently purchased a 2020 Tacoma SR5..immediately lifted 3"/2" w/ BFG mentioned previously, the throttle response is not great with these trucks. However, there is a product that fixes that issue. Install a Pedal Commander. Takes 5 minutes, has 32 settings. This will change your life as a Tacoma owner. Best $300 I ever spent on a vehicle.