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2023 Toyota Sequoia Arrives Next Month – How You Can Get One

What you can do to get your 2023 Toyota Sequoia sooner.


Dealerships are preparing for arrivals of the all-new third-generation Toyota Sequoia. According to several sources, the popular full-size SUV will begin showing up sometime in October.

So, what can you do next?

2023 Sequoia Release Date
2023 Toyota Sequoia Capstone Supersonic Red profile view

Unveiled earlier this year, next-gen Sequoia has been met with mostly positive reviews. Look for bold new exterior styling, a modern interior cabin, plenty of new safety systems and technology, and definitely more power.

It will come with standard 437 horsepower and 583 lb.-ft. torque thanks to its 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 i-FORCE MAX engine. A 10-speed automatic transmission is standard as well (increased towing capacity as well).

People interested in purchasing a 2023 Toyota Sequoia can choose from five grades: SR5, Limited, Platinum, Capstone, and TRD Pro trim levels when it arrives at dealers across the country beginning next month.

But, how to get one is the question of the day.

Get Your Toyota Sequoia Orders
2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro Solar Octane profile view

If you are just starting to search for a new Sequoia 2023, you may be a bit behind the eight ball. Eager consumers may have already put in their requests at their Toyota dealerships for one.

This means a wait list. But let’s catch you up to speed as quickly as we can.

I would suggest contacting a dealership or two or three that you are familiar with and that you trust. Work with the salesperson and possibly even the inventory manager to see what has been already allocated to them.

Most dealerships will begin by receiving one 2023 Sequoia each and building their inventory out from there. Many already know what they have been allocated, or granted, as their first prized possessions.

Remember, many dealers will see their first Sequoias starting sometime in October.

Be Flexible with Sequoia

So, this could be where you can score one early. Although many of these Sequoia models have been reserved already for specific customers on a wait list, some may still be available.

For example, imagine that dealership ABC has been granted a 2023 Toyota Sequoia Limited in Midnight Black.

However, the first three people on that dealership waiting list all want Sequoia TRD Pro, and they would rather wait it out for the Pro. That means this specific Sequoia Limited may still be available.

If you can be flexible, this could be your chance. Perhaps you could accept that Midnight Black Sequoia, even though you were hoping for a Supersonic Red one. This might get you one much quicker.

VIDEO: I compare all 2023 Sequoia trim levels together.

My advice is to call or email around and see if dealerships have an available one that has not been reserved yet. Find out if the first couple Sequoia SUVs have specifications you would be happy with.

You can also, of course, put in an order request with your local Toyota dealer, most likely with a deposit. Again, if you can I would be flexible with color choices, or options too. Let the dealer know that you would take a 2023 Sequoia SR5 in either Blueprint, Lunar Rock, Celestial Silver, or Army Green. Or maybe tell them you would accept anything except for the color or colors you absolutely do not want.

Being flexible gives your dealer more opportunities to score your new Sequoia for you a little faster potentially.

Time for Your 2023 Toyota Sequoia Comments

Have you been searching for a 2023 Toyota Sequoia, and if so, how has your experience been so far? What status have you heard from your dealership?

Also, what is your ideal 2023 Sequoia build?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story.

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Terry (not verified)    October 4, 2022 - 3:50PM

I ordered a white Capstone at the end of August. The dealer had no timeline for my vehicle. I was told I was #1 for their dealership.
I was offered a black Capstone that the dealer had not received yet and wasn’t sure when it would arrive.
I’ll wait for my preferred choice since I’m #1.
The dealers don’t seem to be getting much timing information from Toyota.