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Back in The Day an Exotic Was a Jaguar, a Mercedes Benz 6.9 and That English Jeep

This is Mercedes Benz on my Twitter Feed for me. So just a treat I’m passing on for you. This is from back in the day when a wind tunnel test was about how cool a breeze was as you went through an underpass.

Posted: July 27, 2018 - 9:01AM
Author: Al Castro


This is about cars that all look the same today but were more simple, more elegant yesterday.

Robots back then didn’t build cars. People did, and that’s what you wanted; handcrafted assembly, real wood in the dash. When it was about a car and about something electrical, it normally was about a fuse being out, not a charging station.

And the exotics, well Ferrari and Lambo came gray market if you were either lucky and/or had the money to bring one. Back in the day an exotic was a Jag, a Mercedes Benz 6.9, or that new boxy leather-lined English Jeep that just came out not long ago, they call it a Range Rover.

A cup holder? That was your hand. And don’t spill it in the car! Back in the day.

Do you miss old an exotic cars and the way they were made?