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Veloster Leaking Oil? Try OEM Filter

If your Hyundai Veloster is leaking oil, perhaps the solution is simple – make sure you’re using a Hyundai original equipment oil filter.
Posted: May 11, 2017 - 11:17AM
Author: Tim Healey

One forum user posted that his fiancé’s Veloster (he didn’t mention the year) had an oil leak that he’d been unable to fix, although he suspected it wasn’t coming from the oil pan or any other of the usual suspects such as oil lines, but from the filter area.

Forum Users Make Strong Recommendations

The original poster only got a handful of responses, but all of them suggested he switch back to a Hyundai OE filter (an attached photo appeared to show an aftermarket filter), with one adding that perhaps the oil cooler, which is where the oil filter screws in, could also be a culprit.

We understand the desire to save a few bucks by shopping aftermarket (it’s also possible that an independent repair shop used the aftermarket part without the owner’s knowledge), but while aftermarket parts often work just as well as OE, there are times they don’t, especially in today’s complex (and occasionally finicky) automobiles.

Forums Can Actually Be Useful/strong>

Perhaps the greater lesson here is that for all their negatives – flame wars, useless threads, et cetera – forums can actually be helpful when you’re trying to do your own diagnosis and repair on your vehicle. Your author speaks from experience, he replaced a non-functioning stereo this way once – forums provided a step-by-step guide on how to do the work.

If the other owners’ advice was right, there’s a happier Veloster driver/owner out there somewhere right now.