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How Veloster Enthusiasts Make Hyundai The Brand It Is

Car enthusiasts are the top driving force behind any brand and this is the case with Hyundai Veloster enthusiasts. In this story one Hyundai Veloster owner speaks up on how they helped to change the way people see Hyundai.


Few days ago TorqueNews reporter Douglas Stansfield published a story discussing why Hyundai should build an all-electric Veloster EV as the best way to improve it. I shared it in one of the Hyunday Motor Club Facebook group and wanted to hear Hyundai owners' opinion on the subject.

My question was "what do you think about the idea of making Hyundai Veloster an all-electric EV. Could this be a great way of improving the Veloster and bringing a new market for it? I think that it would be very interesting development to see."

This comment by Terrill D. Harris was interesting enough to be quoted in this story.

"The Veloster needs 300 HP and AWD and it would decimate anything even close to its class. I don't feel that the Hyundai Veloster needs a new market. With the Genesis now gone, it would be in Hyundai's best interest to continue to feed the market that helped them get their footing.

"The enthusiasts. We revived the brand by making cars like the Genesis Coupe and Veloster a hit and up to the Genesis Sedan, which also came with an R spec option. When people looked at our cars and asked us "what kind of car is that?," one by one we the enthusiasts changed how people saw Hyundai.

"Thus, Hyundai shouldn't follow Toyota and Honda's footsteps and create these boring subpar, over market vehicles. Hyundai came back because the company appealed to a different, more loyal crowd. Hyundai gave us and we gave back. En electric Veloster takes us in the opposite direct," Harris writes.

What do you think? Would an electric Veloster be the right or wrong direction for Hyundai? Also don't miss TorqueNews reporter Patrick Rall's review of Veloster, titled 2016 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Rally: Improved Handling, Same Great Design.