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Where Will Audi Slot Its New Q4? How About Between The Q3 And Q5

As Audi continues its wave of introductions, the automaker recently announced that it will offer a new Q4 -- slotted between Q3 and Q5 -- in 2019. The new model will be based on the Audi TT Offroad concept that was introduced in 2014.

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One automaker whose name keeps cropping up with new entries in the super-red-hot crossover market is Audi. In the last couple of years, the automaker has added either wholly updated models like the Q5 and Q7 or new models like the Q3 and, soon, the Q4.

The automaker recently confirmed that it plans a launch of the compact-sized crossover in 2019. Coupe-styled, the new crossover is set to challenge BMW’s planned X2 and the Range Rover Evoque, The new model slots between the Q3 and Q5, Audi’s big winners in their sales wars last year with 232,045 vehicles sold (Q3) and 278,968 (Q5). Q5 has been Audi’s big sales winner, in fact.

Audi TT Offoad Concept

“We offered a preview of with the Audi TT offroad concept study three years ago," Rupert Stadler, Audi CEO, told reporters at the automaker's annual earnings conference at its Ingolstadt, Germany, headquarters.

While there are no hard decisions about the Q4’s markets, it is a safe bet the U.S. will get its share. You can predict this by noting the simple fact that since the hot-selling Q3 and Q5 sell well in the U.S., it makes sense that Audi’s marketing staff believes the Q4 will sell well here, too.

Meantime, Audi plans to move the Q2, launched last year, into new markets. And, the automaker has plans for an updated Q5 this year.

The Q4 will likely take a great deal of its styling from the TT Offroad concept. The TT Offroad combines two elements that buyers are flocking to, a coupe’s sportiness and a crossover’s utility.

In the meantime, there are significant model changes upcoming as Audi seeks to renew an aging model portfolio. For example, a spokesman said, Audi will launch all-new copies of the Q4 and Q8, Audi’s top-of-the-line.
On Sale Late This Year

The all-new versions will go on sale later this year. Also, new releases of Audi’s flagship model, the A8, and the A5 midsize sedan will go on sale in 2018 as well. A second-generation A7 will arrive next year.

Source: Automotive News

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