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Looking for an Adorable Audi? Try the A1, When it is Available

At last, the real A1 images -- and information -- are available. One thing you will notice about the A1 is that it is adorable, don't you think?

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Calling the new A1, “the ideal companion for an urban lifestyle,” Audi has finally debuted the second generation A1 Sportback. It is a vehicle that the automaker calls “the ideal companion for an urban lifestyle.”

It May Just Be the Adorable Audi

Indeed, some have called the A1 Sportback adorable.Audi Debuts 2019 A1; It's Called Adorable And, it may just be that. Look, it is only 13.2 feet long; 5.7 feet wide, and 4.6 feet high. In other words, it is rather stout, but it does fit into the adorable mold quite nicely.

Drawing heavily on two models – the Ur-Quattro and the Sport Quattro – the A1 Sportback looks like but isn’t really, it’s ready to rally. Its lines suggest a performance machine. From the side, its sloping roofline in black gives it a far more sporting look than its predecessor.

A small flat C-pillar sets off the hatchback’s angles. And, the S-Line features larger air intakes, while there is a vent below the hoodline and there is a more massive rear wing. The wheels are available in three sizes, 15-, 16-, or 17-inches, depending on the trim. For example, on the top-of-the-line S, the 17-inch wheels are available in black or platinum grey.

The Cargo Space Is Up a Bit

There’s also more cargo space on the A1. It is up 2.3 cubic feet over the current generation – 11.8 cubic feet with the seats in place or 38.5 cubic feet with the seats down.

There is a variety of engines available for the A1. At the low end, there’s a three-banger that cranks out 95 horsepower, while on the other end, there’s a turbocharged 1.4-liter four that produces up to 200 horsepower. The three-cylinder is available with either a six-speed manual or an S-tronic dual clutch. The top-of-the-line S is available only with the S-tronic option.

The A1 is available with all sorts of new tech. It has ditched the tablet-style setup and has adopted Audi’s Virtual Cockpit styling, instead, that is similar to the A8. Is the A1 Similar to Audi's A8?The standard 8.8-inch MMI ® Touch Infotainment system is conventional. Top trim levels of the A1 get a larger 10.1-inch screen.

Some of the Design Elements are a Paradox

Interestingly, though the A1 uses the Virtual Cockpit styling, the A1 has some paradoxical design elements. Instead of relying on the Virtual Cockpit, the implementation stops at the A/C and stereo where there are still physical dials. The A1 also has automatic safety systems that include: lane change warning, pre-collision warning with automatic emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control.

The Audi A1 won’t be available until the 2019 model year. There’s no preliminary information available about pricing just yet.


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