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iSeeCars Study Shows Ford F-150, Escape Among Top 10 Used Vehicles Sought In 2022

The Ford F-150 pickup and the Escape crossover remained popular vehicles with customers last year as many buyers were forced into the used-car market by high prices.

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Faced with record prices for fuel and rising interest rates, consumers were forced to look at their vehicle priorities. Let’s face it, new-car prices rose at rates that forced many potential buyers out of the market as they hit prices many couldn’t afford. According to stories late last year, the average new-car payment hit the $1,000 monthly plateau, which drove many buyers out of the new-car market.

Prices Forced Many To Used Market

Faced with these situations, buyers who needed to update their vehicle choices moved to the used market. For the second year in a row, two Ford vehicles were among the top 10 vehicles in which people showed interest.

According to an study, which looked at 9.8 million one-to-five-year-old used cars sales to see conditions in the used-car market last year, they found that the Ford F-150 pickup and the Ford Escape were among the top vehicles looked at by used-car customers. The F-150 pickup sat atop the list, while the Escape crossover came in at number 9.

The study found that trends stayed the same between 2021 and 2022, with large pickups maintaining popularity. And SUV and crossover sales remained strong. The study found that while Ford and Chevy retained their positions in the top 10 while Jeep “managed to break into the top 10 this year with its Grand Cherokee.” Meantime, Honda “ensured one best-selling car was actually a car.”
9.8 Million Vehicles Studied

As noted, the iSeeCars study was huge. It looked at over 9.8 million vehicles in the one-to-five-year-old category to determine the “most popular used cars across the” country. Not only did the study look across the United States, but it also looked at individual states and metro areas.

As iSeeCars noted, “supply chain issues and new-car shortages” kept the price of used cars high, though they didn’t affect vehicles that were best-sellers. As you will see here in Torque News, the “ever-popular Ford F-Series (F-150) remained atop the usedp0car best-sellers list in 2022.” Following the F-150 were the Chevy Silverado 1500 and Ram 1500 pickups. This trend confirms that trucks remained popular with high demand for full-sized trucks on the secondary market.

“With more than eight percent of the used0car market occupied by the F-150, Silverado, and RAM pickups there’s no denying America’s love affair with trucks, despite their relatively low” fuel economy numbers, said Karel Brauer, iSeeCars executive analyst. The popularity of full-sized trucks occurred in the face of the “higher fuel prices we experienced in 2022,” Brauer continued.

Here’s a List Of The Top 10 Used Cars in Study

The extensive iSeeCars study looked not only at 2022 but compared the year to 2021. In total, the full study also compared used vehicles by state and by city.
Most Popular Used Cars in America, 2022 – iSeeCars Study

  • Rank #1VehicleFord F-150% of Total Used Sales3.3%2021 Rank#12021 % of Total Used Sales3.6%
  • Rank #2VehicleChevy Silverado 1500% of Total Used Sales2.8%2021 Rank#22021 % of Total Used Sales2.6%
  • Rank #3VehicleRam 1500% of Total Used Sales2.3%2021 Rank#32021 % of Total Used Sales2.3%
  • Rank #4VehicleChevy Equinox% of Total Used Sales2.2%2021 Rank#72021 % of Total Used Sales1.8%
  • Rank #5VehicleHonda Civic% of Total Used Sales1.8%2021 Rank#42021 % of Total Used Sales2.0%
  • Rank #6VehicleToyota Camry% of Total Used Sales1.7%2021 Rank#62021 % of Total Used Sales1.0%
  • Rank #7VehicleToyota RAV4% of Total Used Sales1.7%2021 Rank#92021 % of Total Used Sales1.7%
  • Rank #8VehicleNissan Rogue% of Total Used Sales1.7%2021 Rank#52021 % of Total Used Sales1.9%
  • Rank #9VehicleFord Escape% of Total Used Sales1.5%2021 Rank#82021 % of Total Used Sales1.7%
  • Rank #10VehicleJeep Grand Cherokee% of Total Used Sales1.5%2021 Rank#122021 % of Total Used Sales1.5%

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