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Ford Has Electrifying News: 2030 Sales Will Be 40 Percent EVs

Ford execs told financial analysts that by 2030 they expected their business model to be made up of 40 percent electric vehicle sales.

With the introduction, earlier this year, of the Mustang Mach-E, Ford's first branded electric vehicle, the automaker turned seriously toward the electric side of the automotive world.

Mustang Mach-E Signals Future

Introduced not only as a new vehicle earlier this model year, but Ford also heralded the Mach-E as a brand of its own. The electric crossover likely is the first of several vehicles that the automaker plans to add under the brand name, Mustang. The upcoming but yet unnamed vehicles will flesh out the line as a distinct brand.

My colleague Jimmy Dinsmore looked at a chief competitor to the Mach-E and had some interesting comments about the VW.

You can see Ford's future by looking at its exciting electric offerings so far. The Mustang Mach-E has been greeted with enthusiasm by the automotive press, which, of course, is essential. More important, though, is its greeting by buyers. That greeting has been excellent. The Mustang Mach-E points to Ford's future, as does the just-introduced Ford F-150 Electric. Senior reporter John Goreham looks at the Mach-E and what Ford did right.

On Wednesday, Ford looked to its future as it announced that it is increasing its investment in zero-emissions vehicles. By 2030, the automaker expects that fully 40 percent of its sales volume will be electrics.

In its announcement, Ford said that it is increasing its investment to over $30 billion by 2025. This figure is an $8 billion increase over the figure the automaker announced in February. Yahoo Auto News reported on this.

F-150 Electric Orders Booming

Following Ford's F-150 Electric announcement, the order-takers were busy as the automaker said it had received 70,000 reservations in just a week. The F-150 Electric is a new iteration of the automaker's market-leading brand. The standard F-150 pickup is again the top-selling brand in the U.S. for the 44th straight year.

Jim Farley, Ford CEO, said in a statement that the F-150 Electric is "our biggest opportunity for growth and value creation since Henry Ford started to scale the Model T, and we're grabbing it with both hands."

Farley and his executive team presented the automaker's latest developments during a virtual meeting with analysts.

Mustang Mach-E First Out Of Gate

As noted, the electric vehicle that was first out of the gate during this round of vehicle introductions for 2021 was the Mustang Mach-E. Customers greeted with enthusiasm across the board. Customers for the F-150 Electric greeted the pickup with equal enthusiasm, as shown by the number of orders. The automaker plans to add a cargo van in its next intro. The cargo van is the E-Transit.

As part of its electrification policy, Ford plans to make a significant investment in battery production. Recently, the automaker announced a joint venture with South Korea's SK Innovation for battery production.

Ford's latest electric vehicle announcement comes as the auto industry is moving toward zero-emission vehicles. Ford – and other – announcements of electric vehicles are part of the auto industry's move to address global warming.

Automakers have joined the growing move towards zero-emission vehicles to help address global warming.

General Motors Sees Its Future

General Motors, Ford's main competitor, has announced that it will halt the production of diesel- or gasoline-engined vehicles by 2035.

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