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Ford Dealership Turns Standard F-150 XLT Into Luxury Off-Road Machine

Long McArthur Ford has a history of taking Ford F-150 trucks and upgrading them into different trucks. This time they have created a luxury off-roader out of a Ford F-150 XLT SuperCrew.

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If there is one thing the folks at Long McArthur Ford in Salina, Kansas, know how to do it is satisfy their customers. Indeed, the dealership has a performance department, MPerformance, which takes every day Ford F-150 pickups and turns them into something special.

Ford F-150 SuperCrew Upfitted

Torque News has visited Long McArthur Ford several times this year, and each time we have come back with stories of new and exciting Ford F-150s or Ford F-Series pickups (F-250/F-350). For example, during an earlier visit to their site, I found their Cattleman Package is perfect for ranch or farm. Today is no exception as the MPerformance people have upfitted a standard Ford F-150 SuperCrew (four-door, full cabin) into a much more luxurious vehicle. In fact, not only is it more luxurious, but it is also an off-roader that, considering the added features, is worth the investment.

In many ways, Long McArthur finishes the work begun by Ford. You see, when a Ford F-150 lands at a dealership from the factory, the pickup is a very nice and technically complete truck from the manufacturer’s standpoint. However, folks can always find ways to improve on the manufacturer’s platform. The MPerformance department does precisely that.

Ford F-150 XLT Special Package

For example, Long McArthur is now offering an $8,995 package called the LMSE Off-Road Package. Using this package, they turned a Ford F-150 SuperCrew into a pickup that handles off-roading effectively.

To make this happen, the MPerformance techs add a two-inch leveling kit to the pickup, and then they swap the wheels for 20-inch Fuel Contra Chrome Wheels. They install 35-inch Fuel All-Terrain Tires on the Ford F-150. Of course, the changed wheel/tire combination means the speedo needs recalibration, which they also handle. The final piece of this work is an alignment.

Ford F-150 XLT Has Hood Scoop Added

Next, they paint up a hood scoop in a matching color, adding it to the hood of the F-150. Meantime, the technical team installs rear wheel well liners and then adds a spray-in bedliner. Tinted windows are also part of the upgrade, as are Limited-Style heated leather seats. The interior fixtures include Tray All-Weather Floor mats.

Custom LMSE graphics on the rear fenders complete the package. The package carries a three-year/36,000-mile warranty.

Aside from being a neat-looking package, it is also a functional upgrade. When Long McArthur orders the Ford F-150 XLT from the factory, the engine is the Coyote 5-liter V-8. Since it is an off-road-oriented pickup, it features many off-road-oriented features, including extended-range fuel tanks. Instead of the 3.31 locking rear end, the MPerformance techs swap in a 3.71 unit. There’s also a 290 amp alternator, and a Class 4 trailer hitch.

Ford F-150 XLT: Another Nice Upgrade

Altogether, the Long McArthur LMSE F-150 is a very nice truck, another in the series developed by this Kansas dealership.

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