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Ford's F-Series Trucks: The Best-Selling Pickup for 46 Consecutive Years!

For the 46th consecutive year, the F-Series has again led the market in sales, a position that it has held for nearly half-a-century.

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As the auto industry has begun to roll out of the doldrums caused by the continuing pandemic, vehicle sales have begun to tick upwards. Indeed, the swing upward began early last year, and while it was a halting return to better times, vehicle sales ended the year quite strongly.

More Than 640,000 Pickups Sold In 2022

Ford’s F-Series pickups were set to pass 640,000 pickups in 2022. Not only does this mean the F-Series was America’s best-selling truck for the 46th consecutive year, but it also made the F-Series the country’s best-selling vehicle for 41 years, selling an average of at least one F-Series truck every 49 seconds last year.

If you were to line up all the trucks sold last year bumper to bumper, the number of F-Series trucks sold last year would stretch about 2,400 miles, or further than the driving distance from Los Angeles to Detroit. This long line of trucks ranges from Ford’s popular light-duty F-150 pickup to the automaker’s heavy-duty F-550 truck/chassis cab. The lineup includes every model from the entry-level XL to the well-equipped Limited, EcoBoost to the all-electric F-150 Lightning; in other words, just about every major model sold by the automaker.

“The Ford truck team’s ability to anticipate customer needs, continuously innovate, and provide best-in-class levels of capability and performance has helped make F-Series the sales leader time and time again,” said Kumar Galhotra, president, of Ford Blue. “We’re honored and humbled that our customers have helped us achieve this milestone for more than four decades.” Indeed, Ford trucks have been the country’s best-selling truck line for the better part of half-a-century, which is an awesome feat.

This year is a special one for Ford’s F-Series. In 2023, the F-Series will celebrate its 75th anniversary. The F-Series continues to set the tone in its segments for innovation. For example, Ford’s F-150 all-electric (EV) Lightning pickup has become the best-selling EV pickup on the market. The Lightning, which went on sale in 2022, immediately became the best-selling EV pickup, a position it continues to occupy. Furthermore, the all-new F-Series Super Duty, with ground-breaking capability and features, has racked up an incredible 150,000 orders, cementing the heavy-duty, F-Series Super Duty truck of choice for heavy-duty truck buyers. First deliveries of the Super Duty Series are scheduled to start early this year.

Ford Offers An Oustanding Lineup Of Trucks

With the compact Maverick pickup, the intermediate Ranger series, F-150, Super Duty, all the way up to F-750, Ford offers America’s broadest lineup of trucks to best deliver on the customers’ needs and is the only one that is Built Ford Tough.

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