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Why 2017 Ram 1500 owners are trying to find lockable storage areas inside their trucks

2017 Ram 1500 truck owners are concerned about the new configuration of seats inside their vehicles. Many are used to having an area where they could install and secure locking safes or vaults. They are asking other truck owners about where to lock up their valuables.

The question about how to secure valuables inside your 2017 Ram 1500 came from an Illinois owner named John. He asks members of a Ram forum, “The major thing I miss going from the 2007 to the 2017 is losing the under seat storage compartment. Had a ConsoleVault bolted in there for valuables and my CC pistol. How are you guys dealing with secure (LOCKED and sturdy) storage in your bench seat 17s????”

A 2017 Ram owner, from Texas, quickly responded. “I just traded in my 15 Sierra with the Bench seats. The first modification I purchased was the console vault. It was about $269! I say sell yours on Craig’s List and purchase another one. I went full console my '17 Laramie and the console vaults are the same price!”

John says, “The problem is there is NO space under the seat in the 2017. That is where my vault is in the 07. Called - and they don't make one for the '17 with bench seats. I need to check - Dodge may make a lock for the glovebox, but the door could be pried in 10 seconds. That may be my best bet though.”

Jason, from California, has a 2017 Ram 2500. Jason made this suggestion. “Does yours not have the storage in the floor right behind the front seats / right in front of the rear seats?”

A Connecticut driver, named Torino, also has a 2017 Ram 1500. He solved his problem this way. “I installed the Tuffy center console insert. Plan on also buying one of the in floor storage inserts. I will leave under the rear seat free.”

John is quickly discovering that different trim packages each contain different storage compartments. “Again - no console, just a bench seat with a paltry fold down arm rest with insufficient room for anything from ConsoleVault, i.e., they make nothing for the bench seat 2017. No storage compartment in front of rear seats either. There is carpeting in the rear, and it is fully attached. None of the trucks I looked at had anything back there. Maybe on a higher trim level?”

Bob, from Bay City, Michigan, says there are other suppliers that may offer a solution. “Tuffy does make these for under the rear seat if you have a compartment there. I have one to carry my pistols on trips. Probably not as secure as the console one but better than nothing.”

Yankee, from California, says there are other options to consider. “The Crew Cab Rams have the compartments in the floor in front of the rear seat. There are Locking Glove Boxes, I think it comes in a kit. If your rear seat lifts up, that is the best place."
Thunder suggests that John keep checking because some of the storage areas are hard to spot. “Dad has a compartment under the seat cushion of his center front seat. You can get a console vault for it, but it is easy to miss at first that the compartment is even there. I didn't know they removed it on newer trucks.”

Perhaps other 2017 Ram owners have recommendations on where you can install a safe or vault. Is there an area that John has overlooked? It is especially important that drivers are able to secure licensed weapons so they aren’t stolen. Typically, the OEMs provide information about this type of storage.

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