What to try if your 2017 Ram 2500 is stuck in park.

The owner of a new 2017 Ram 2500 is trying to save others a service call after his Ram appeared to be stuck in park. He is hoping his simple trick will help you, too!

Jason, from California, has a 2017 Ram 2500. Although he knows trucks, he had a weird experience and wants to warn others. Jason explains, “I remote started my 2017 2500, climbed in, pressed the start button, went to put it in drive and the stick wouldn't move. The "P" on the info panel flashed and that was it. Restarted several times and no change. I couldn't shift out of park.”

Jason quickly called Ram roadside assistance but thought he would keep trying. He was concerned that with the push button start the shifter would be more fragile than older vehicles. “With the remote start, I noticed that the stick wouldn't move at all and the "P" didn't flash, but when fully enabled the stick moved about 1/4" and the "P" would flash. Then it donned on me; I'd parked on a slight decline... I applied a little extra force and the damn thing shifted out of park just fine.”

Jason is not recommending that you break anything or use too much force but he says, “If you get any movement in the stick at all and the P flashes, but still can't shift out of park, man up. Your transmission probably is locked up from some external pressure and just needs a little more oomph to come out of park. Lesson learned.”

A Canadian driver, named Kela, responds “Always use your parking brake. It makes shifting out of park smooth, every time. I have to think it must save some wear on the transmission linkages as well. Not to mention, you are adding another factor of safety to avoid a roll-away situation.”

Ed, from Massachusetts, agrees. “I only use the parking brake on an incline but I do follow the practice of shift to neutral, depress parking brake, shift to park. The park pawl in the transmission appreciates it.”

RB, from Youngstown, Ohio, appreciates the warning. “Good to know. My driveway is on an incline and I always get the clunk when shifting out of park into reverse. I'll try the parking break tonight.”

Jason says he has always used his parking brake on an incline, but that the incline was so slight, in this case, he hadn’t used it. “Long story on that, but yea the short version is I should be and will be using it regularly. Didn't in this case. Wont make that mistake again, either."

It is a good warning to every driver that you should be using your parking brake, especially on an incline. The new linkages are not necessarily more fragile. While you should never use excessive force in that situation, sometimes a little push might help.

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2/10/18 Just happened to me. 2013 2500 ram hooked to loaded dump trailer. Back I. Last night just fine. This morning would move out of park. Unhooked the trailer to remove pressure hit the emergency release lever for the gear selector, went to neutral and got back going again. Lesson learned if you have a load of any kind on the transmission set the parking brake first then go to park
Just happened to my new 2017! Only had truck since Saturday & it was extremely easy to change gears(prnd) then today it would not drop to reverse, like op said P flashed. Shut off, tried several times, look over All display panel, no idiot lights etc. Thought maybe a door was ajar?? Even though no indicators on, open shut front & rear doors, tried again & slight force(which I had done before)& it started. No idea!?
Just had this happened to me 6-8-18. Truck is a 2018 ram with the 5.7 hemi with just 80 miles on the odometer. I pulled out of a fast food driveway and all my lights came on and lost power steering. I soon came to a light so I put the car in park and turned the truck off while waiting at the light (bad idea). I turned the truck on and tried to shift the gear knob and would’nt shift. Keep in mind I had my foot on the brakes so it would shift out pf gear. Turned off the truck, put my energency flashers and started flagging other cars behind me (frustrating). Decided to open the doors and wait for a few minutes and that did the trick. I was on my way after about 3 or 4 minutes trying to shift out of Park in a busy street inthe center lane.
My 2017 with 17,000 miles has done the same thing. I have used ebrake but still locks in park. I have taken to dealer now 5xs and they cannot find a problem..I'm regretting trading in my 2012 f350 for security of warranty...didn't expect to have so many issues with dodge. Shifter locks, gear slippage, and gauge cluster blank screen on occasions.
2017 Ram 1500 was running fine. Stopped, put in park (both times on a level spot) and then transmission wouldn't engage in any gear. Motor just raced. In both cases after I turned it off for about 10 minutes, it started up and shifted fine. Dealer in Seattle could't find problem. Now I'm paranoid about putting it into park unless I can leave it in that spot for a while.